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Press receives €5 million in funding from the company behind Italian online housing giant

With this Series A funding, the Dutch housing platform for international exchange students will expand to more cities and countries

January 10, 2017

ROTTERDAM – The international exchange student housing platform, has raised €5 million in its latest funding round. The Rotterdam-based startup offers student housing options, from studios and single rooms to sublets and rental houses, to international students around the world. will use this Series A funding to accelerate its platform’s growth and to expand to more university cities in Western Europe and the USA. The funding comes from Italian Real Web, owner of Italy’s largest online housing platform, and Dutch venture capitalist henQ.

Funding from Italy and the Netherlands
Major funding comes from Real Web, the Italian company that owns the online real estate platform Dutch VC henQ is also investing in Previously henQ led a seed funding round for, raising €1 million. Van Deuren: “With this new funding we can continue our platform’s rapid growth. It’s very valuable to us that a major international company like Real Web has joined us. They possess a wealth of experience in the online housing market and we can learn a lot from them. The fact that henQ is also providing new funding means there is a lot of confidence in our platform.”

Student housing abroad was founded in 2009 when CEO and founder Niels van Deuren was preparing for his own foreign exchange study in Singapore. Finding suitable housing in a city where he didn’t know anyone proved to be a challenge. “A lot of landlords and subletters want you to pay rent in advance to make sure you actually show up,” remembers Van Deuren, “but for a student it’s a pretty big step to transfer money without having actually seen the place first.”

Safe and secure for students and landlords
Van Deuren launched to address this problem. Homeowners and commercial housing companies offer student apartments and other types of housing for free on the platform. All transactions take place securely through and the first month’s rent is only transferred after the student has viewed and approved their new home.

Let out own room
Students who move abroad to study can also let out their own room or apartment on, which saves them from having to pay double rent during their foreign exchange period. The platform serves a network of housing offices from over 130 partner universities who recommend the company to their exchange students. This concept has already proven successful. The catalogue featured over 450,000 properties in 50 different countries, with 100,000 properties currently vacant.

International growth
The new funding enables the platform to expand to more countries and cities in major foreign exchange markets like the USA and Western Europe, where the EU’s popular Erasmus student exchange program alone mobilizes about 270,000 foreign exchange students each year. is set to reach 60 countries next year, expanding to 100 in 2018. A thousand new properties are added to the platform weekly. As growth accelerates, the company’s staff will also expand.

About is the world’s leading international student housing exchange platform with over 100,000 listed properties in more than 50 countries. It provides a housing platform where students can let and sublet rooms when going abroad on an exchange or internship. No more than 130 partner universities recommend HousingAnywhere’s platform to their exchange students. was founded in 2009 by Niels van Deuren as he himself was looking for a temporary student room for his exchange study in Singapore.

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