Evolving Rental Accommodation Best Practices With Improved Video Upload

Rotterdam, July 15, 2021 - HousingAnywhere, the leading European rental accommodation platform, today announced an update to its listing experience, enabling landlords to add videos tours of their vacant properties with a single touch. Videos come on top of the currently supported media, such as high-resolution photographs, 360° virtual tours, and floorplans. Videos help home seekers better understand what the property looks like, cutting down the time it takes to rent a new place and book it online.

Homeseekers indicate that photos and videos showcasing a property are more important than a listing description. They often base their decision on whether to rent a property on photos and videos alone. Research by HousingAnywhere shows that high-quality photos, videos, and other media increase bookings, decrease cancellations, and increase satisfaction with the booked rental property. Adding photos and a video to a listing will increase the chances of a booking by 25% compared to listings with only images. Adding both a video and a floor plan doubles the chances of a listing getting booked while reducing the chances of tenants cancelling the booking by one third.

Ranking at the top of the search results

High-quality photos and videos shape people’s first impressions of a rental home, facilitate trust, and ultimately generate a booking. Landlords on the HousingAnywhere platform can upload videos just like any other media on the platform: in one click, from both their laptop and mobile phone. HousingAnywhere also supports the embedding of existing Youtube videos. To further help landlords, increase the number of listings with high-quality media, and improve the user experience, HousingAnywhere’s algorithm detects and boosts property listings with high-quality pictures and videos. Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere:

HousingAnywhere’s algorithm will reward you for adding high-quality media, such as photography and videos. This means your listing will gain visibility since we boost it to rank higher in our search results.

Rental management simplified

The proliferation of rental management automation technology and listing services has made it easier to showcase and rent out properties. Still, it has also created a gap between professional property managers and non-professionals. Seelmann:

With high-quality media becoming a must-have, larger managers are investing in media with the help of professionals. For smaller managers, this makes it more difficult to keep up. By simplifying media management on the platform, all landlords can use the technology to manage their listing efficiently, whether one listing or a large portfolio.

About HousingAnywhere

HousingAnywhere is Europe's largest rental accommodation marketplace, with 10 million unique visitors per year and 60,000+ properties available for rent. Young professionals and students looking to rent a home are matched with accommodation providers, ranging from private real estate owners to large-scale property managers. Through its advanced platform, tenants book for more extended stays and typically rent accommodation for 3 to 12 months. The Rotterdam-based technology start-up employs 140 people. Currently, the startup is focussed on 32 key cities throughout Europe, with plans to expand its footprint rapidly.

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