HousingAnywhere Growth Continues with Acquisition of Italian StanzaZoo

HousingAnywhere acts on its vision of creating a globally connected platform that makes renting easy and safe while expanding internationally

Rotterdam, January 14, 2021 - HousingAnywhere, Europe’s largest online rental accommodation marketplace for young professionals and international students, is once again making major progress in its European expansion by acquiring Italian classifieds website StanzaZoo. Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere:

Italy is fast becoming one of the most important markets for HousingAnywhere. The acquisition of StanzaZoo, a household name in Italy, greatly facilitates our access to the entire Italian market. We will immediately gain market share in an array of Italian cities, solidifying our position on the Italian real estate market to stay ahead of the rest. Throughout 2021, HousingAnywhere will be scaling up its operations across Italy. By doing so, we expect to establish ourselves as the leading player in the Italian rental market by the end of 2021.

Founded in 2011, StanzaZoo has grown to become one of Italy’s most well-known classifieds websites. Combining extensive knowledge of the student and young professional rental markets with a platform tailored to support the needs of those markets, Stanzazoo quickly became the number one platform for finding tenants, landlords, and the perfect rooms or apartments in any Italian city. Gabriele Manna and Claudia Mastromauro, the founders of Stanzazoo:

Giving our customers access to a larger, international market is the logical next step for StanzaZoo. We are glad we will continue this growth under the umbrella of a company that shares our belief that a superior product, focused on automation and the best user experience, will lead to the best match between tenants and landlords.

This acquisition, the third in the last 12 months, follows the acquisition of the Icelandic rental platform Rentmate and German classifieds website Studenten-WG. It’s a further step towards reaching the goal of becoming the largest pan-European rental platform by the end of 2021 and offering more than a booking platform alone: a complete and advanced software solution for managing property portfolios and contracts. It marks the commitment of the company towards locking in its most important markets. Seelmann:

Realizing our future growth through M&A is part of our strategy. We are committed to the Italian market and we plan to bring a strong contribution to improving the experience for both tenants and accommodation providers, to make online rental easier, safer, and ultimately, more efficient.

With the acquisition, StanzaZoo landlords and tenants gain access to a target group of nearly 8 million users via the HousingAnywhere platform. Current StanzaZoo users will have access to all the benefits that come from using the HousingAnywhere platform, such as AI for fraud detection, smart algorithms to determine the optimal rent (RentRadar), and easy digital payment solutions (HousingAnywhere Payments).

The StanzaZoo platform isn't accessible anymore. Previous users of StanzaZoo can create an account on HousingAnywhere.

About HousingAnywhere

HousingAnywhere is Europe’s largest online rental accommodation platform for young professionals and international students. With 135,000+ properties on offer and 8 million visitors per year, HousingAnywhere generates thousands of bookings per month. Tenants typically book for six months on the platform. The Rotterdam-based technology start-up employs 120 people. Currently, the startup is focussed on 17 key cities throughout Europe, with plans to rapidly expand its footprint.

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