How it works


Feed integrations, webhooks and APIs. Our smart property management solutions are ready for you. Sync your calendars, listings and databases to our platform for even greater rental success.

Pencil it in

When renting out property, occupancy rate is everything. To help you plan, stay organised and maintain a proper overview of your rental periods, we have a comprehensive calendar function. It auto-updates whenever a booking is made, cancelled or whenever a tenant moves in or out. It’s vital to optimize this calendar and update it regularly to reflect the availability of your listings. Why? Because all searchers begin by selecting their desired move-in and move-out dates.

HousingAnywhere API

Ensure your listings have the biggest impact by integrating them with our API. The beauty of this function is that you can enable your listings to reach tens of thousands of users, far and wide, without doing any of the stretching yourself. Conquer every corner of the marketplace and start connecting your inventory and databases.

Webhooks for the win

There isn’t a single stale listing on our platform, thanks to our tireless webhooks. Bookings, listings, property data, these bad boys update all of them real-time, keeping it minty fresh. What does this mean for you? Pay no mind to any changes in your inventory, because whatever changes on your side (e.g. a booking is made in your Google calendar), the integration will handle the transfer of information, therefore updating data (including your calendar) on our platform accordingly. Provided you’ve integrated to our platform of course!

We support your feed

Our platform supports JSON and XML feed integrations. Upload your inventory, big or small, to our platform and sleep easy knowing we update our platform listings according to the changes to your own database every day. Be warned! Our feeder is a fussy eater and everything (from the canonical address of the property to the type of flooring) will be updated. In tech we trust.

Sync your listings and your calendar

Are you advertising your property on other platforms? It’s cool. We don’t mind sharing! Import those listings to our platform. Your schedule can also be synced. A lot of email and calendar apps use ICS integration formats, and we do too! Export or import a calendar, to or from our platform, and start joining up the dots to maximise your occupancy rates long-term.

Need more knowledge?

Swot up on our integration handguide and we promise it will pay off. Soon you’ll see more views on your listings, leading to more bookings, and all in less time.

Integrate your property database

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