How it works

Looking for a place? Or renting one out? Here's how HousingAnywhere brings landlords and tenants together

Book your new home from home

It’s payers keepers! Once you’ve paid the first month's rent, the place is yours. You’ll receive an immediate confirmation which can often be used as proof of residency for any visa applications or resident permits you may need. The beauty of booking online means there’s no need for viewings. We believe that no one should be disadvantaged based on where they live.

Award-winning rental platform

Operating in 30+ countries, HousingAnywhere has a mission to bring you the best mid- to long-term rental solutions. Hundreds of our university and company partnerships offer even more expertise, connections and possibilities for your move abroad. Millions of visitors every year can’t be wrong! Let’s get movin’

Search fast, search smart

We’ve engineered a wealth of features to help you find your perfect place, pronto. From search alerts that land new listings straight in your email to pre-qualification filters, we champion superior matching. Need some help? Our Customer Service team is ready to offer you some speedy support!

how to find the perfect place

Get a real feel for the place

Before booking anything, you deserve to know everything. Check out a listing’s up-to-date availability, amenities, photos, videos, floor plans, and translated descriptions. Feel even more confident about booking a place by checking it out on the map in the listing gallery. Like what you see? Favourite it! Feel even more confident about booking with our Neighbourhood Guides. Get clued-up about the area you want to move to.

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Start chatting

Once you’ve got an idea of the place, you’ll want an idea of the landlord. Our secure, real-time messaging system is as easy to use as WhatsApp or FB messenger. Chat directly with the advertiser from any device and forget third parties! With our attachment feature, you can send and receive files, like rental contracts and ID. Questions for the landlord? Ask away.

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Verified landlord profiles

We care who uses our platform. That’s why all advertisers must provide a phone number, email address and verify their bank-details. On top of that, to be awarded an ‘Excellent advertiser’ badge, they must have successfully rented out on our platform in the past. Check out an advertiser’s profile for more info before booking.

Safe and Sound

Deposits, rent. They needn’t be scary words! On our platform, all of your payments are protected. We have anti-fraud measures to safeguard your experience and rest assured, if the landlord cancels, you’ll receive a full refund. We securely hold your first month’s rent until 48 hours after your move-in. Based on our ‘no news is good news’ approach, we’ll only payout the advertiser after this time.

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How it works

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