Subletting rules and Contracts

Example contracts

These are example lease contracts for some of the countries we are active in, we will be offering examples contracts for all countries soon.

No rights can be obtained from these sample lease contracts.

Secure booking service

HousingAnywhere provides a secure booking service. The tenant pays the first month rent to HousingAnywhere. HousingAnywhere will keep it safe in its bank account. When the tenant arrives in the new room, the tenant has 48 hours to check the room and report any problems. If everything is OK, HousingAnywhere transfers the money to the advertiser's bank account. Advantages:

  • Tenants are 100% sure that the room is as described in the listing: if the room is different than the rental listing, you will get your first month's and the booking fee directly refunded.
  • Advertisers are certain that they receive the first month's rent. In case the tenant cancels, or if the tenant does not show up, advertisers still receive the first month's rent from HousingAnywhere.