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Protection from last-minute cancellations

To reserve accommodation, the tenant pays one month's rent in advance. Has the tenant cancelled after confirmation? HousingAnywhere guarantees the first month's rent.

Find your perfect tenant with ease

Save time by only talking to those that you're interested in. Set the preferences for your ideal tenant, and receive messages from verified users who meet your criteria.

Access to local and international tenants

70% of the tenants from HousingAnywhere come from abroad and stay for 4-12 months. No more worrying about squatters or getting stuck with long-term low rents.

Get bookings months in advance

Publish once and reuse whenever you need. Set custom prices, adjust availability, and block-off time for maintenance. Enjoy complete control over your listings.


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Get all the essentials plus advanced features to power your growth.

What’s included

  • Unlimited bookings

    Whether you manage one property or several, enjoy unlimited possibilities to maximise your property’s earning potential.

  • Multi-unit listings

  • Availability overview

  • Unlimited API integrations

  • Multiple IBANs, Payout routing

  • Combined invoices per month

  • Dedicated Account Manager

25% fee*per bookingSimple pricing. No hidden costs. Only pay when you see results.

All online. 100% secure.

Go from listing to booking within 14 days.


List your place

Publish once and reuse whenever you need. Set custom prices, adjust availability, and block-off time for maintenance. Enjoy complete control over your listings.

Set prices and availability

Choose when and for how long your property is available, set custom monthly rents to match demand.

Get booking requests

Chat directly with tenants, manage messages from your inbox, exchange documents, find your perfect renter.

Get paid

Receive rent, deposit, utilities, and more, conveniently through HousingAnywhere's secure payment system.
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Multi-unit listings
Advanced calendar settings
Multi-unit listings
Unlimited integrations
Availability overview
Payout routing
Dedicated Account Manager
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited bookings
Sync calendars
Dedicated Account Manager
Combined invoices
Multiple IBANs
Sync calendars
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Your questions, answered

Expert tips on how to rent out successfully.

I want to rent my house. What are the requirements?

To rent your house, your property must not be affected by mortgages, foreclosures, or Equitalia folders. The house, systems, and appliances must be in good condition. Finally, you must have all the necessary documents, such as the APE certificate. 

I want to rent a room in my house for over 30 days. How can I do that?

Renting a room in your own house is a good source of additional income. First, create an ad for your private rental house and post it for free on a rental website like HousingAnywhere. Second, pick a suitable type of rental contract, sign it, and register it with the Revenue Agency.

How to rent a house without an agency?

To rent a house as a private individual without an agency, obtain these documents: codice fiscale, deed of ownership, APE and cadastral certificates. Once your property is in good condition and you have the right to rent, advertise your rental house on a rental website. Lastly, register the rental contract with the Revenue Agency within 30 days of signing and inform the tenant within 60 days of the registration.

How to rent a house without problems?

To rent a house safely, be very clear about your desired tenant, property rules, and what is included in the rental price. Chat with the tenant and do a background check. Pick the right rental contract, collect a rental deposit, and get property insurance. For rent, set up online rent collection as a traceable payment method.

How much can you earn with a rental house?

To determine how much rent you can earn as a private individual, use this formula: (Annual rent – Annual operating costs) * tax rate. Either you apply the IRPEF tax rate or a 21% tax rate under the dry coupon scheme.

How to determine the rental price of the property?

To determine the rental price of your property, use RentRadar, a free tool which uses AI to suggest an optimal rent price based on location and property size. To set a competitive rent, also look at the average rent per city, utility bills, taxes, amenities, property condition, and furnishing costs. The minimum annual rent you can charge should equal at least 10% of the cadastral value to avoid automatic tax assessment.

How can I advertise my house for rent?

The best way to advertise your rental house is to use a trusted rental website popular with tenants. Write a detailed property description, include high-quality photos and videos, set an optimal rent price, and have screening questions to attract the desired tenant.

How to post free real estate ads?

To post free ads about your rental house, use a platform like HousingAnywhere that allows you to post multiple free ads. You can use integrations to import your listings or add details on the platform, such as images and property descriptions.

Where to place an ad to rent a house?

The best place to advertise your apartment for rent is a house advertisement site that many tenants use. HousingAnywhere is one of the best sites for house rentals; you can post free rental ads, screen tenants, and show tenant reviews to earn trust and rent out quickly.

How to write an ad to rent an apartment?

To write an appealing ad for a rental house, offer details about the property, such as the number of rooms. Mention what's included, such as furniture and bills. Paint a picture of the neighbourhood, nearby amenities, and the ideal tenant. Lastly, add high-quality pictures, videos, and floor plans if you don't have time for property viewings.

You are viewing information specific to Germany.