How it works

Online Rent Collection

Receive your rent, deposits and other fees online and on time. Choose from multiple payout methods and let our automated payment process handle the rest.

Deposits, fees and full rental control

As a landlord, you can manage and collect all of your rental income from one place: HousingAnywhere. Send payment requests for rent, deposits and other fees to tenants without any hassle. Because all payment methods are supported, and generating payment requests for your tenants is a walk in the park, full rental control is utterly yours. You can even schedule payments for the entirety of a tenancy in one go with our payment plans.

The first-month guarantee

Our diligent payments team have engineered countless features to make your rental experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Whatever the payment method, wherever the tenant may come from, the first month’s rent is paid the moment your property is booked. We hold onto this until 48 hours have elapsed from your tenant’s move in; even if they cancel, you’ll get the first month’s rent. Phew.

Transparent tracking

When it comes to your money, nothing is more essential to us than transparency. We will always provide you with a transaction overview, where you can get detailed insights of past, present and future payouts. With our Live Payment Tracking link, you always know precisely where your money is. Our rent collection service means you can keep on top of it all, manage your rental income in advance and ultimately, watch your business prosper.

Fast payouts

We’ve engineered fast payouts for all our landlords, the world over. Now that our payment software has scaled up, we can offer flexible methods to all advertisers with even quicker payouts. We support IBAN and international bank transfers (for countries outside the SEPA region). An international bank transfer is processed in 3-10 days and you can expect a SEPA bank transfer to hit your account in 2-5. On top of that, with our payout routing software, you can assign a different payout method for each listing in your inventory.

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