HousingAnywhere Payments

Our payment system is automatic and accurate, making renting easier for tenants and advertisers

Rent collection: no more late payments

No one likes repeating themselves. Especially when it comes to money. That’s why our automated rental collection system sends payment reminders to your tenants – so you don’t have to. Simply schedule your payment requests and we’ll handle the chasing. We send email reminders 7 days before your chosen due date, 3 days before, and on the day itself, significantly reducing the chances of late payments and significantly increasing your peace of mind.

Automatic reminders

Sent to your tenants 7 days before your chosen due date, 3 days before, and on the day itself.

Easy reconciliation

Match your rental payments to the right tenants and payout methods in a matter of seconds.

Updated reporting

Always know where your money is for all rental transactions with live tracking and notifications.

Invite your Tenants

Do you have more tenants that didn't book through the platform? Would you like to receive their rental payments through a HousingAnywhere payment plan? Now you can! Simply provide some essential information about the property and the tenancy and set up the payment plan. Schedule all the payments included in the plan and let the tenant know about the payment plan. Now that they're aware, you simply send them their invite for the plan and, after their verification, you're both set!

Your payment overview is automatically updated and fully filterable, so you can access the information you need at a glance. Consolidate all your rental payments in one online space to save yourself time and effort

Relax while your payments roll in

Our payments system gives you the rental insights you need, whenever you need them. Forget the stress of constantly checking your bank account, because you’ll receive notifications whenever the status of a payment changes. Want to dive deeper? Your precise and transparent payment overview contains descriptors for every request, so you can easily reconcile your listings, tenants and payments.