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How it works
How it works

How it works

Looking for a place? Or renting one out? Here's how HousingAnywhere brings landlords and tenants together

Cast the net wide

Take full advantage of our global reach and popular online ranking by listing your property for free. With millions of visitors searching for accommodation on our platform every year, there’s no shortage of demand. Better still, our 150+ partnerships with international universities mean your listing will be showcased to premium tenants across the globe.

100% control over your rental property management

In a matter of minutes, you can create an attractive listing for your property. Listing more than one? Enjoy full control over your advertisements, manage your entire inventory and have your listing descriptions automatically translated into other languages. Once you list a property on our platform, you only have to sit back and watch the world want it.

Meet your match: screen tenants with fine-tuned filters

Our platform offers numerous ways to quickly match you with your perfect tenant. Set your preferences (age, gender, occupation), let verified tenants browse your inventory and communicate with them directly via our secure messaging service. Who makes the cut? You decide. Fun fact: so far this year, 60% of bookings on our platform were completed within 36 hours.

Remote tenant selection to save you time

Say goodbye to those long, face-to-face viewings and embrace the simplicity of our platform. Let the tech do the talking and show what your property has to offer with dozens of time-saving features: a photo and video gallery, instant messaging with interested tenants and detailed listing options. How will you use those extra hours?

The first month’s rent is always paid

Even if your tenant cancels last minute, we’ve got you covered with our first-month rental guarantee. On our platform, all landlords and property managers ‒ both big and small ‒ are protected by this policy. We keep the first month’s rent safe and sound, then pay it out to you 48 hours after the tenant’s proposed move-in date. No ifs, no buts.

Sync calendars, sync listings and connect to other platforms

Only get the booking requests that matter. Leverage our advanced Calendar integration programme to keep your availabilities up to date, with other systems and platforms. Likewise, feed integrations will automatically sync your listings to your software or another platform. Fancy something more advanced? The HousingAnywhere API is ready when you are.

Collect your rent online

All international payment methods are accepted on our secure platform, so no matter where you or your tenant are based, you can collect your rent, deposit, and any other fees. All on our platform. The first month’s rent is paid the moment your property is booked and we always provide you with a clear transaction overview. It’s fast, it’s flexible and it’s fully transparent.

You will only pay upon success

Our business model ensures that you’ll only pay to use our platform when you see results. Fair is fair. The service fee will only apply if your property is successfully booked. Oh, and your first ever booking is completely free!

Summon support from our international team

Help is only a message or call away with our dedicated, multilingual support team. Account managers know your needs, and the platform, inside out. Driven by your success, they’ll stop at nothing to secure you tenants, and make your rental business a triumph. So, when you need some help, with the neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Get clued-up on the latest market trends

Never under- or overvalue your property again. Get it just right with our market data, rental resources, and client support. When creating a property listing, make use of our dynamic pricing tool to maximize your occupancy rate and revenue. Additionally, our City Rent Index has been compiled to help you set your rental price to match local, average rates.

How it works

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