HousingAnywhere International Rent Index by City Q4 2023

HousingAnywhere's Rent Index Q4 confirms consecutive slowdown in price increases throughout 2023

HousingAnywhere Rent Index 1-to-3 bedroom aparments average rental price

  • HousingAnywhere’s International Rent Index for Q4 2023 reports a 5.8% YoY rent-price increase, recording the lowest figure published in 2023.
  • Some of the most sought-after cities in European countries with the highest rent price of their country, such as Amsterdam, even saw YoY price decreases in the last quarter of the year.
  • Rent prices also registered an average QoQ decrease of 0.6% in Q4, showing signs of a readjustment after a QoQ spike in Q3, the peak season for talent mobility.

Rotterdam, January 4th 2023 – The International Rent Index by City by HousingAnywhere, Europe's largest mid-term rental platform, confirms that 2023 has been marked by a slowdown in rent-price increases across Europe: The year-on-year (YoY) price increase rates have been declining quarter after quarter, and the year closes with the lowest figure of 5.8%. Quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) rent price changes have also readjusted as the Index registers a -0.6% after the slight QoQ spike in prices in Q3, the peak season for talent mobility before the new semester.

HousingAnywhere’s International Rent Index analyzes price variations in properties that were advertised on the platform and received interest from potential tenants. The Index covers a total of +65,700 rooms, studios and one-to-three bedroom apartments, of which 97% were furnished and 60% included bills to match the needs of students and young professionals relocating within or across countries.

"The YoY rent-price increase registered this quarter is the lowest price increase we have seen since Q3 2021’s 3.8%, signaling a positive development in light of affordability of housing in Europe," says Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere. “In order for this trend to continue, addressing housing availability challenges in the most sought-after destinations in Europe will be key in 2024”.

The most highly-priced cities for rooms and studios: Cities in the Netherlands and Germany

The rankings of the most highly-priced European cities for rooms and studios show a predominance of Dutch and German cities.

Top 10 Ranking for Absolute Price per Property Type:

EN Rent Index Q4 2023 Table With Logo

For rooms, Amsterdam leads the way as the most highly-priced city with €940, followed by Cologne (€850), Munich (€850) and The Hague (€820). On the contrary, traditionally less highly-priced cities in this property type register some of the highest YoY price increases. For instance, Lisbon (14%), Florence (13.2%), Rome (11.3%) and Valencia (7.1%) showcase how cities are catching up with prices as the pan-European rental housing crisis continues. Opposed to that trend, Utrecht, as one of the most highly-priced cities for rooms in Europe, also registered the highest YoY rent increase (16.5%).

Zooming-in on studios, Munich is the most highly-priced city with €1,570, followed by Utrecht (€1,425), Hamburg (€1418), and Paris (€1,351). Similar to the trend for rooms, Valencia and Lisbon - with less highly-priced rents of €900 and €1,100 respectively- registered the highest YoY price increases for studios, with a 48.8% increase for Valencia, followed by Lisbon (37.5%). Brussels (€803), Turin (€720) and Budapest (€600) are the most affordable cities for this property type.

Italian cities climbing the ranking of most highly-priced cities for apartments

For apartments, the picture is more diverse. While Dutch and German cities still rank high in absolute price and Amsterdam holds the first place with €2,200, the Italian cities of Rome (€2,000) and Milan (€1,850) rank second and third. While in the last quarter, these two cities were already within the 10 most highly-priced cities for apartments, in Q4 they have climbed up in the ranking. On the contrary, Lisbon, which in Q2 was the most highly-priced city, now drops to the eighth position. The Southern European cities of Valencia, Porto and Madrid registered the most acute YoY increases for apartments, with 18.2%, 16.9% and 15.5% respectively.

About the HousingAnywhere International Rent Index by City

For this 22nd quarterly edition of the Rent Index by City, HousingAnywhere analyzed 65,715 properties that were listed and received interest from potential tenants on the platform in the past year. Data shown includes property types such as single rooms, studios, and apartments from one to three bedrooms located across 23 European cities. Out of all the apartments analyzed, 58% were one-bedroom apartments, 31% were two-bedroom apartments, and 11% were three-bedroom apartments. Approximately 97% of the listed properties were fully furnished and 60% included bills in their rent, with all listings mainly geared towards servicing young professionals and students relocating across borders.

The report is also available in Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch.

About HousingAnywhere

HousingAnywhere is Europe’s largest mid-term rental platform. With Kamernet and Studapart under its umbrella, it represents three fast-growing brands with over 30 million yearly unique visitors combined, 160,000+ properties available for rent and 100,000+ tenants securing their new homes, based on the 2022 performance. HousingAnywhere serves young professionals and students, primarily aged between 18 and 35, connecting them with accommodation providers. Through its advanced technology platform, tenants rent accommodation for 3 to 12 months outside of their country of origin. Headquartered in Rotterdam, HousingAnywhere operates in most European cities and recently expanded to key cities in the US, establishing a presence in over 125 cities. Driven by the mission to enable people to live wherever and however they choose thanks to a flexible renting experience, the technology scale-up employs 340 professionals globally.

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