HousingAnywhere Payments is Set to Revolutionize the Real Estate Market

HousingAnywhere Payments is Set to Make Tenants’ Lives Easier, Cheaper and More Transparent

  • Easy and secure one-click rental payments
  • It’s completely free: no more additional fees for your international rental payments
  • Automatic reminders when rent is due

Rotterdam, October 1, 2019 - Young professionals, expats, and international students looking for accommodation abroad can now look forward to paying their rent and security deposits in the same easy way they’re used to when paying for other commodities and services: online, securely and automatically. HousingAnywhere Payments enables tenants to simply complete a payment request they receive from their landlord through the platform, which is a first in the real estate market. Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere:

HousingAnywhere Payments will push the real estate sector into the 21st century,” says , “offering tenants online and localized payment options they are already familiar with, such as credit card and iDeal. Also, there will be no more additional fees for international payments.

As part of HousingAnywhere’s Online Rent Collection suite, HousingAnywhere Payments is a complete and advanced digital payment solution. Payment requests can be shared directly in the HousingAnywhere chat and payments can be done on the go, easily and securely, using just a mobile phone or laptop. All the relevant information, such as name, address and the banking details of both the tenant and the landlord, will be prefilled, saving the time usually spent filling them in to complete the transaction.

Rent due? No more administrative hassle

With the new digital payment solution, it will be very difficult for tenants to miss the due date of their rent. Based on the due date, digital reminders will be sent to the tenants, alerting them to pay the rent on time. In total, three reminders are sent: 7 days in advance, 3 days in advance, and on the day that the payment is due. A notification is also sent if the rent is overdue. Tenants can complete all payments simply from the comfort of their own couch, using a mobile phone or laptop. International rental payments have also never been so cheap, as HousingAnywhere Payments is completely free to use and there are no international transaction fees.

In past times, the percentage of our monthly income that we spent on rent used to be around 25%, but nowadays it’s more like 40% on average. The services and the payment process however, have not improved at all. This means the rental experience remains the same, while costs keep increasing. It’s time we upgrade these aspects of renting to reflect modern standards, keeping pace with the rental rates and the current state of technology. We strive towards a platform that caters to every aspect of the rental cycle, making everybody’s life easier and safer.

Tenants will feel comfortable using the kind of payment tools they already use when shopping online, and will be provided with a convenient payment overview in their HousingAnywhere account.

More payment methods added in the coming months

While HousingAnywhere Payments currently supports credit card and iDEAL, new payment methods such as Paypal, Apple Pay, and SEPA Direct Debit will be added in the near future.

We aim to make the rental process as easy and efficient as possible by automating every aspect of it,” says Seelmann. “Renting accommodation abroad has never been easier, safer or faster, creating a better user experience for tenants worldwide.

About HousingAnywhere

HousingAnywhere is the world's largest housing platform for international students and young professionals with over 50,000 active advertisements and over 5 million users in over 60 countries. The housing platform allows tenants to interact directly with landlords and enter into medium-term rental agreements. More than 160 partner universities recommend their students to use the HousingAnywhere platform. The Rotterdam-based platform currently employs 90 people.

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