HousingAnywhere Partners Up with homefully Using HousingAnywhere API

  • homefully expands its target audience, while HousingAnywhere users gain access to a more extensive portfolio
  • Co-Living is gaining in popularity as globalisation and new ways of working demand flexibility from housing markets
  • HousingAnywhere API strongly advances data interoperability between partners in the real estate market

Rotterdam, March 23, 2021 - Rental accommodation marketplace HousingAnywhere is excited to announce its new partnership with homefully, a market-leading Co-Living provider from Germany. From now on, homefully is integrated with the HousingAnywhere platform, increasing the international tenants for homefully and growing the available number of apartments and rooms in Germany. Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere:

Germany is one of our most important markets, and homefully has a major presence in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Cities that are very much in demand among the students and young professionals we serve on our platform. At the same time, we offer homefully the international target audience it seeks. A perfect match!

Co-Living gaining in popularity

Globalisation and new ways of working and studying require more flexibility from housing markets. homefully Co-Founder & CEO Sebastian Wuerz:

homefully was created with the vision of a world where we share the feeling of home anywhere, together. That requires more than a fully equipped flat. That’s why we focus on bringing the right flatmates together. We pave the way for young professionals to fully access the city without having to think about settling, furnishing the flat, or setting up electricity or heating contracts, and worrying about having to settle with a flexible lifestyle. Now we can expand our vision internationally, using the HousingAnywhere platform.

As we were growing fast, we were looking for a partner that focuses on innovative and scalable solutions. It also had to be a fully integrated approach so that our CRM system could communicate seamlessly with the partner platform and vice versa. HousingAnywhere is a similar partner: focused on automating and making the booking process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We look forward to continuing building new solutions together and expanding our partnership.

Co-Living is a concept that has gained in popularity on the HousingAnywhere platform in the past years, according to Djordy Seelmann:

It offers internationals a chance to live abroad while at the same time being part of a community. This makes it easier for people to move to a foreign country, where they often don’t know anybody and are potentially restricted by lockdown measures. We are happy we can now offer a broader Co-Living option, using the homefully portfolio.

API integration for seamless and automated integration

The integration, done with the HousingAnywhere API’s help, allows seamless synthesis of both platforms’ supply and traffic. HousingAnywhere ensures that accommodation availability and bookings are synced with all systems used by Homefully’s customers. The API integration enables stakeholders to manage critical data programmatically on a large scale. The integration will deliver a more extensive portfolio that offers up-to-date listing information, a higher conversion rate, and ultimately more bookings. Seelmann:

Our core mission embraces close collaboration with our partners and customers. We aim to help people with housing, anywhere, and that's why we are excited about this new partnership with homefully. It is once again a beautiful business case for our API, as it helps homefully easily connect with international tenants for their German Co-Living brand.

About HousingAnywhere

HousingAnywhere is Europe's largest rental accommodation marketplace, with 10 million unique visitors per year and 60,000+ properties available for rent. Young professionals and students looking to rent a home are matched with accommodation providers, ranging from private real estate owners to large-scale property managers. Through its advanced platform, tenants book for longer stays and typically rent accommodation for 3 to 12 months. The Rotterdam-based technology start-up employs 140 people. Currently, the startup is focussed on 32 key cities throughout Europe, with plans to rapidly expand its footprint.

About the HousingAnywhere API

All HousingAnywhere API documentation is freely available on developers.housinganywhere.com. To get started, any user can request an API key. Team members from HousingAnywhere Developer Support provide help, free of charge, to all parties who want to integrate or optimise their existing integration.

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