Rental homes in Spain

Sun-soaked and snow-capped, the Spanish landscape is as varied as its cities, people and customs. As a popular holiday destination, tourists often miss out on the rhythmic, energetic lifestyle that only comes from actually living in Spain. The fever for flamenco, fiestas, football and food ripples down the entire country, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It’s easy to see why expats love the country, and why so many international students choose Spanish universities and exchange programs. Browse here for houses, apartments and other properties to rent in Spain.

How to Move to Spain: Your Relocation Guide

Visas, accommodation and health insurance should be at the top of your relocation checklist. Relocating to Spain feels like a mammoth task; with our checklist, it's a piece of cake.


Everything You Need to Know about Tenant Rights in Spain

Different countries come with different rules. Landlords in Spain tend to ask for a cash deposit. What do you have to bear in mind when paying the deposit? And can your landlord easily raise the rent? Knowing your tenant rights in Spain is key to prevent you from signing your tenancy agreement blindfolded.


The Five Best Places to Live in Spain

Spain, where the sun tickles your skin and the rhythm of life gives you a new sense of time. So where is the best place to live in Spain? We tested the five best cities for their internationality, cost of living and safety.


What's the Average Salary in Spain? (2022)

'What are your salary expectations for this job?’ makes up the closing question of every recruiter. Being an international, you lack a sense of the average salary in Spain. Yet, setting a realistic salary expectation is key to a fruitful negotiation.


Reasons to Live in Spain

Wondering if moving to Spain is a good idea? From cheap cost of living to the high quality of life, here're the top 10 reasons that 5,434,153 expats love about living in Spain.


Ace your expat life in Spain with our 4-7 minutes articles

Moving abroad is tough. Let alone living abroad. Ace your expat life in Spain with our 4-7 minute blogs that bring you up-to-date information on moving, renting, living, studying, or working in Spain.


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