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Eddie has worked successfully with HousingAnywhere since 2016. He shares how HousingAnywhere supported him through a pandemic and kept his business thriving.


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Updated on 8 May 2024

During the pandemic it was quite tough. A lot of tenants started moving out, going back to their countries. But talking to HousingAnywhere gave me both psychological and business support. It was quite nice to have such support at the time. I didn't feel alone. I feel that I have an organization behind me as a backup or big support. I'm not alone on this journey.

We deeply value Eddie’s commitment to work exclusively with Housing Anywhere since 2016. His commitment has led to a journey of 75 successful bookings on HousingAnywhere. Beyond his impressive booking record, Eddie's extensive portfolio spans across Belgium, Turkey, and the Netherlands, showcasing his invaluable expertise in property management and rental.

With his rental experience dating back to 2011, he shares his journey, insights, and the numerous advantages has gained through his partnership with HousingAnywhere.

Eddie, customer since 2016.

Why HousingAnywhere?

Before discovering HousingAnywhere, Eddie experimented with various rental platforms and real estate agents, all with limited satisfaction. It wasn't until a tenant introduced him to HousingAnywhere that he found a platform that met his expectations.

There is a huge difference in pricing when I compare you (HousingAnywhere) to other companies in the market. The terms and conditions of HousingAnywhere are fair and the whole set up works very well for me.

Seamless Tenant Acquisition with HousingAnywhere

Ease of Finding Tenants

In a competitive market, finding reliable tenants swiftly is crucial. HousingAnywhere has transformed the tenant search for this property provider. As they put it, "HousingAnywhere makes my job easier". As soon as properties are vacant, they are republished on HousingAnywhere. This makes the process of filling your rentals more efficient and hassle-free.

One of the main reasons I work with your company is that it makes my job very easy. I don't rent to just any applicant, student, or potential tenant. I'm meticulous about selecting the right individuals because I want to avoid issues, ensuring a harmonious living environment for all tenants. HousingAnywhere plays a crucial role in this process, as most student applicants are well-suited. I genuinely appreciate this aspect of working with HousingAnywhere.

Challenges and support during COVID-19 pandemic

Life, as we know it, can throw unexpected challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic was a stark reminder of this. During these testing times, Eddie found more than just a platform in HousingAnywhere, he found support. The financial stability and issue-resolution capabilities of HousingAnywhere provided him with a sense of security when uncertainty loomed.

Positive Tenant Experiences with Purpose-Driven Renters

Tenant Reliability

Dealing with tenants who are serious and purpose-driven can make a significant difference in the rental experience. Eddie found that tenants sourced through HousingAnywhere tend to be precisely that. The applicants typically have clear goals, be it education or work, making them responsible and reliable renters.

I rent mostly to students. They rent because they have a purpose of coming to another country, you know, they are there for a certain purpose, they have a goal. So therefore, they are usually serious. They are not... irresponsible, let's say, when they want to rent your place. So, when I rent to them I know that most of the time I feel comfortable or secure about this, that I'm renting to a right person.

Impact on Lives

Eddie doesn't merely see his role as renting out spaces; he views it as making a positive impact on people's lives. They shared an impactful story of a tenant who, due to housing difficulties, had to abandon their studies. This narrative underscores the critical role housing plays in shaping individuals' futures.

I’m happy that I'm contributing to these young students in their life by supporting them with accommodation. HousingAnywhere as a company and us as landlords work together as a team. We are actually touching people's lives.

Empowering landlords with market monitoring tool Rent Radar

Eddie believes being successful in the rental market requires more than just listing properties; it demands a deep understanding of market dynamics. HousingAnywhere's market monitoring feature proved invaluable. It helped him stay up-to-date with fluctuating rental prices, a crucial factor in making informed decisions.

Detecting or monitoring the market using your Rent Radar service is one of the biggest supports to me, I must say. Without it, I wouldn't have updates about the market and the prices. But this helps me a great deal and saves me a lot of money.

Dramatic improvement in occupancy rates

Using HousingAnywhere has had a significant positive impact on Eddie’s rental income. He attributed this success to staying updated with market conditions and reducing vacancy periods through the platform.

...I was calculating the other day, if the properties were vacant how much I would lose. I was shocked by the amounts. You save a lot of money using HousingAnywhere because you get a much quicker response from potential tenants. As soon as the property is available, boom, I can rent it again immediately.

No viewings, tenant preference settings and rent collection facility

When we asked Eddie if he can describe a few features on the platform that help him on day to day basis, he had a few key features in mind. Eddie told us that it’s very convenient for him that he doesn’t have to do viewings. He uses tenant preference settings to find the right match and often uses the payment services when dealing with international students.

I should mention again that the profile of the tenants are better. This is a great benefit because renting is like entering a marriage; it holds a lot of significance. Making a mistake in the beginning, such as choosing the wrong tenant, can lead to continuous challenges and difficulties throughout the rental period. This issue isn't minor; it's quite serious.

Eddie’s experience over the years has been overwhelmingly positive. When asked if he has any advice for other landlords, the answer was a resounding "yes."

His message to fellow landlords:

Don't waste time, start renting out on HousingAnywhere as soon as possible.

Eddie plans to continue expanding his portfolio to other countries. He is looking forward to continuing his successful journey in a new market with HousingAnywhere as his trusted partner.

If you want to give HousingAnywhere a go, sign up for free today!

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