The Complete Guide to the Average Salary in Spain (2021)


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'What are your salary expectations for this job?’ makes up the closing question of every recruiter. Being an international, you lack a sense of the average salary in Spain. Yet, setting a realistic salary expectation is key to a fruitful negotiation.

With this guide, you'll find your value in the job market in Spain in no time:

  • Average Salary in Spain (per job sector)
  • The minimum salary in Spain
  • Good salary to live comfortably in Spain

Average salary in Spain: What you should expect

Taking a peek at other countries puts the average salary in Spain around the midfield of Europe. With an average salary of €2,710, Spain comes in 12th place; below England at €2,389 and above Cyprus at €1,939.

As an employee in Spain, you can expect a salary increase of 8 per cent every 17 months.

Needless to say, the median wage gives you only a benchmark of what you can expect. In the end, your gross salary depends on various factors:

  1. Experience level

  2. Level of education

  3. Gender

  4. Career field

1. Your experience level drives your wage

Your pay rate will increase as you gain work experience. As a guideline, you can imagine that with two to five years of work experience, you will earn an average of 32 per cent more than an entry-level employee.

With more than five years of experience, you will earn an average of 36 per cent more. As soon as you reach the 10-year mark, your average salary will increase by 21 per cent. After fifteen years, you can expect another 14 per cent increase.

2. Your level of education sets the tone

Your level of education remains a decisive argument for your salary in a job interview.

Take these figures as a reference for your monthly income:

Education LevelHigher salary in %
Diploma or certificate+ 17% more than high school diploma
Bachelor's Degree24% more than with certificate only
Master's degree29% more than Bachelor's Degree
PhD23% more than Master's Degree

3. Your gender still shapes your salary

It's 2021 and you might think gender should no longer (negatively) influence salary. And yet, it continues to emerge that women earn on average 4 per cent less in Spain than their male counterparts.

GenderAverage Salary
Male€ 2,770
Female€ 2,660

Don't use this factor as an indicator to settle on your gender-determined salary. Instead, use it as an incentive to get to the same level as men as a woman.

4. Your salary varies with your career field.

Which is the best-paid job in Spain? If you base your career choice on salary, you should choose these jobs:

  • Surgeon: € 64,500 yearly
  • Project manager engineer: € 59,900 euros yearly
  • Sales manager: € 58,880 yearly
  • IT director: € 48,000 yearly

The largest cities in Spain offer the highest average salaries

The average salary in Spain varies based on your location. While you will earn an average of € 3,130 in the metropolis Barcelona, you can expect an average salary of € 2,910 in Málaga.

Don't forget: the cost of living in Barcelona is higher than in Málaga.

CityAverage Salary
Barcelona€ 3,130
Madrid€ 3,190
Valencia€ 3,080
Málaga€ 2,910
Sevilla€ 3,020
Bilbao€ 2,690

What's the minimum salary in Spain?

Employee rights are a top priority in Spain. So, Spain has introduced the eighth highest minimum wage out of 22 European countries to ensure that workers in Spain receive a fair wage.

In 2021, the minimum wage in Spain is € 7.43 per hour and € 31.66 per day.

In 2021, the minimum wage in Spain is € 1,108.03 per month.

Calculated over 12 months, you should earn € 13,300.

The average salary in Spain 2021 (per career sector)

On average, employees in Spain earn € 2,710 gross per month. Keep in mind that this represents the average: 25 per cent of the population makes less than €1,600 and 75 per cent earns less than €7,090.

Your career choice is the determining factor for your true average salary. So how much should you earn in your career field in Spain?

Job TitleAverage Salary in Spain
Accountant€ 2,100
Financial Analyst€ 3,510
Office Manager€ 2,560
Secretary€ 1,440
Creative Director€ 2,790
Graphic Designer€ 1,880
Aerospace Engineer€ 3,680
Architect€ 3,380
Mechanic€ 1,160
Bank Branch Manager€ 5,130
Teacher€ 2,250
Project Manager€ 3,440
Business Analyst€ 3,620
Business Development Manager€ 4,320
Construction Project Manager€ 4,610
Customer Service Representitive€ 1,210
Engineer€ 2,750
Project Manager€ 3,240
Waiter/ Waitress€ 1,030
Receptionist€ 1,150
Dentist€ 6,570
Human Resources Manager€ 4,150
Developer€ 2,760
Attorny€ 5,260
Sales Manager€ 4,600
Pharmacist€ 3,650

What's a good salary for a comfortable life in Spain?

Depending on your lifestyle, you will have different expectations of a comfortable life.

While in Barcelona you need a little more money to live on average, you need less money to live on in the suburbs of a city.

As a rule of thumb, you should expect an average of about €900 to live in Spain.

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