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When moving to Spain for university, you’ll have to find a place to live as soon as possible. Spain has plenty of different types of accommodation for students, ranging from shared dorms to whole apartments. We’ve reviewed all the types (and costs) of student accommodation in Spain to make your choice a bit simpler.

Types of student accommodation in Spain

Student dorms

Student dorms in Spain (Colegios mayores) are popular among first-year and international students. They’re in high demand due to their low rent and that’s why it can be difficult to reserve dorms in Spain.

Often close to campusHigh in demand
FurnishedLack of privacy
AffordableSharing kitchen and bathroom
Live with international studentsSlow integration to Spanish culture

Studio apartments

Most studios in Spain come fully furnished, making it quick and easy for students to move in. Studios are particularly an excellent choice for students who’re introverted or prefer having their own room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Often fully furnishedHigh rent and utility costs
Private kitchen and bathroomDifficult to make friends easily
No noise or cleanliness issuesNo one to share chores with

Room rental

Living with a handful of roommates is a popular choice for students in Spain; it’s the most affordable option after student dorms. It’s also a great option if you’re nervous about living alone or if it’s your first time living on your own.

AffordableMight not get along with roommate(s)
Make friends easilySharing bathroom and kitchen
Share rent, costs and chores

Host families

Host families are ideal for those who have just moved out of home and aren’t ready to live solo or share with fellow students yet.

Immerse into cultureRestrictions, like curfews
Learn Spanish quicklyMight not get along with host family
Get home-prepared mealsLack of privacy
Home away from home feelingNot the typical student life experience

How much is student accommodation in Spain?

Student dorms in Spain tend to cost between €360 and €650 per month. The cost of living with a host family is about €600 per month.

If you’re renting by yourself in the private sector, then rent can range from €300 per month for a room to nearly €1,300 per month for an apartment. Prices vary a lot per city.

The average rent for a room, studio, or apartment across some popular student cities is:

CityRoom rentStudio rentApartment rent

How to find student accommodation in Spain?

Student dorms are usually provided by the university and can be found on the university website. You need to be quick to apply as they’re in high demand.

To rent a studio or a student room in a shared apartment, look for online rental platforms that allow students to rent from abroad, without needing a viewing. Even though social media is convenient, don’t use it to rent as that’s where most rental scams take place. Alternatively, you could pay for a rental agent, but that costs a lot.

To find host families, search on Google or look at reputable organisations that specialise in this, such as Homestay and Lingoo .

Tips for booking student accommodation in Spain

Besides the advantages and disadvantages shared above, here’re some more factors to consider when picking student accommodation in Spain:

  • Extra fees. Look closely at the cost of your utilities and whether it's included in the rent. Don’t forget to account for the rental deposit and possibly any application fees.
  • Read the rental agreement before signing. It’s important to understand the rent due date, who’s responsible for cleaning and repairs, if the contract can be extended, etc. Read about your tenant rights in Spain if in doubt.
  • Book via a secure website, such as a university portal or a reputable website like HousingAnywhere, which securely transfers your rent to the landlord only after you’ve moved in.
  • Get to know the neighbourhood. Not only can you avoid unsafe areas but also find out if public transport and other amenities are nearby. HousingAnywhere has neighbourhood guides for most major cities in Spain to help you out.

Get priority treatment in your search

If you’re attending one of HousingAnywhere’s partner universities, you can register with HousingAnywhere through your university. You’ll receive a badge which verifies you as a student tenant, signalling to landlords that you’re trustworthy. You’ll also get a VIP email address to reach out to our support team, and you’ll be able to securely book your accommodation from abroad.

Here’re our partner universities in Spain which offer a discount on HousingAnywhere:

Now you’ve got more than enough information to help you find the perfect student accommodation in Spain, good luck with your studies!

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