11 benefits of living in Spain as an expat


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We’ve already covered the top reasons to move to Spain. Some of that includes the weather and access to beaches. But don't you want to know the practical benefits of living in Spain?

What's it like to live in Spain?

Living in Spain means having access to a great local and expat community, cheaper cost of living, and incredible places and food. Besides that, there're loads of practical advantages and benefits that make moving to Spain incredibly worth it.

Here’re 11 benefits that you may not have known about:

  1. Safety- You don’t have to worry about safety if you want to live and work in Spain. Over 4 different studies rank Spain as one of the top 41 safest countries in the world after considering various factors such as homicide, natural disasters, economic and political risk, etc. When it comes to the safest cities in the world in 2021, Barcelona ranks 11th and Madrid ranks 21st.

  1. Healthcare- Spain has the 8th best healthcare system in the world. And if you’re working and living in Spain, you get free access to healthcare. You read that right. No premiums or out of pocket expenses! You can read our guide on healthcare in Spain to read why it ranks so high and how to make use of it.

  1. Great transport links- Spain's quite well-connected. Locally, you can make use of the local public transport systems inclusive of trams, buses, metro, or the local train. You can also use the high-speed trains (Alta Velocidad) to reach the various cities in Spain. Internationally, Spain has several airports, allowing expats to travel to other EU destinations visa-free!

  1. Buy properties- You’ve got a wide variety of property options in Spain. From big villas, quaint countryside houses, holiday homes near the beach, to high rise apartments in the city. Luckily for you, foreign investment in Spain isn't a complex procedure and the housing prices aren't as expensive as the neighbouring countries.

    Here’s a golden tip. If you invest €500,000 in property, you will not only get a visa to live and work in Spain but also bring your dependent family with you.

  2. Easy Visa- Getting a visa in Spain's easy in certain situations. The Golden Visa, a.k.a. the investor visa, grants you and your family a working visa if you invest €500,000 in a property or significantly in Spain’s economy. The non-lucrative visa is another one that lets you live in Spain if you’ve enough money to support yourself during your intended stay. Perfect for retirees! There’s also the job search visa which allows Spanish student visa holders to stay an additional year after graduation to find a job.

  3. Beckham’s Law- When moving abroad, it’s always good to know how much tax you’ll need to pay and if there’re any special arrangements for you. The good news's that expats in Spain can make use of the wonderful Bechkam’s Law which grants tax relief to foreigners for the first 6 years. Using this law, you need not pay taxes on your worldwide income, but only 24% tax on your Spanish income. This law will save you a lot of money as expats who don’t use this can pay up to 45% tax on their worldwide income. Learn more about the Beckham's Law and how to pay taxes in Spain with our guide to Spanish taxes.

  1. Family and retirement friendly- Spain's big on community and familial bonds. That’s why you’ll find that many expats move here with their families on the family reunion visa. It’s also a great destination for children as they have access to great public schools and can play outdoors in the parks or beaches. Apart from families, Spain’s also retirement friendly, thanks to the non-lucrative visa, low property costs, and free (or cheap) top-notch healthcare.

  1. The Mediterranean diet- Spanish people follow a Mediterranean diet and it’s no surprise that they're healthier and often live longer than in most countries. Since people eat seasonally, you’ll always find fresh food. Their diet mainly comprises fruits and vegetables, unsaturated fat such as olive oil, nuts, whole grains, beans, and fish. Explore Spain's traditional and unique food culture.

  2. Easily become an entrepreneur- Of the 3.4 million companies in Spain, 1.9 million companies are registered as self-employed. Being registered as self-employed or Autónomo is popular in Spain as it enables expats to set their own rates. It also grants a lot of flexibility to either start their own business or work as a freelancer from anywhere.

  3. Pet-friendly- Spain’s a paradise for pet lovers. Whether you’re moving to Spain with your furry friend or planning to get one locally, you and your pet will feel invited everywhere. You can often see dogs being allowed in restaurants, bars or sometimes even businesses. Similarly, you can find stray cats running around the streets and locals feeding or interacting with them.

11.Variety is what describes Spain the best- Spain isn't just about it’s beaches and sunny weather. Throughout Spain, you’ll discover a lot of variety. From cuisines to the weather. From mountains to volcanic islands. From incredible cultural and historical places to a complete city experience. There’s no doubt that you’ll have lots of options when it comes to deciding which is the best place to live in Spain.

Now that you know about what kind of benefits you can take advantage of when you live in Spain, it's time to start packing. Make sure you’re fully prepared by reading our relocation checklist.

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