How to make sure that your listings are showing in the search results


Updated on Jan 19 • 1 minute read

On HousingAnywhere, tenants can browse all the available accommodations in a certain city based on several filters. We’ll explain why your listings may not appear in the search results and how to ensure they're always visible to tenants.

As soon as one of your listings has more than 5 active conversations with potential tenants, it won’t appear in the search results.

We do this because we don't want you to get overwhelmed by booking requests for the same listings. We’ve noticed that most landlords find a tenant before the 6th request.

A conversation is 'active' until one of the following happens:

  • You accept the booking request.
  • You decline the tenant.
  • You archive the conversation.
  • The tenant books another accommodation.
  • The conversation has expired (after 72 hours without a response).

Please note: before archiving a conversation, ensure you send a message to the potential tenant so they won't be waiting for your answer.

Similarly, send a message to the tenant when you accept or decline a booking request.

Otherwise, your Response Time and Response Rate will be negatively impacted.

Sending an Invitation to Book or Declining a tenant

When you find a tenant who is the right fit, reply in a personal way and send an 'Invitation to Book'. The invitation to book makes the tenant feel welcome and increases your chances of getting a reservation.

When you receive an enquiry from a tenant you cannot accommodate, answer their message and click 'Decline'. Tenants are usually in a rush to find suitable accommodation, so try not to keep them waiting. For a tenant, it's better to hear 'no' than not hear back. Even though you’re declining a tenant, make sure your message is kind and try to offer a reason for not accepting their request.

Key takeaways

To ensure that your listings always appear in the search results, always be on top of your inbox. Declining tenants is just as important as accepting them. As soon as tenants receive an answer, they can return to their accommodation search. After you've taken action on your conversations, your listings will appear in the search results.

Do you receive tenant requests that don’t match your requirements? Read our article on how to get more relevant requests.

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