How to use the calendar


Updated on Aug 10 • 1 minute read

Using the listing's calendar, you can easily change the availability of your property. That way you can filter out irrelevant requests and use your time efficiently.

Why using the calendar will save you time

Potential tenants can select their preferred move-in and move-out dates when searching for a room. Ensuring your calendar is up to date means that your listing will only appear in the search results for users looking at those dates. If your property is unavailable on those dates, it won’t show in their search results, and you will not receive irrelevant booking enquiries.

Setting the minimum required stay and availability

When setting your property's availability, make sure to set the mininum rental period duration. Skipping this step runs the risk that your property will show as unavailable to some searchers.

For example, if you've set your minimum rental period to 3 months and a tenant selects a date range from 1st September to 31st October (2 months), your property will not appear in their search results.

Tip: We recommend you set your maximum rental period to ‘no maximum’ to ensure that your listing always appears in the search results.

Automating your calendar functionality

If you have many properties you wish to list on our platform, you can integrate your database with HousingAnywhere to save you time and effort.

Similarly, you can easily sync your listing's calendar with your Google calendar. That way you can manage your property's availability directly from your calendar app!

Using Calendar to efficiently track availability

If you own multiple properties, HousingAnywhere’s Calendar can help you view your entire rental property portfolio on one screen, making it easy to track availability. Learn more.

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