How to use the Calendar


Updated on Aug 10 • 1 minute read

On HousingAnywhere we have a calendar feature where you can easily manage the rental periods and availability for each of your properties. We strongly advise making use of the calendar so you can get more requests!

Why using the calendar will save you time

Keeping your listings' availability always up to date means you won't have to reply to tenants who want to rent your property at unavailable dates. When searching for a room, each potential tenant will select their preferred move-in and move-out dates.

Ensuring your calendar is up to date means that your listing will only appear in the search results for users looking at those dates; if your property is not available on those dates, it won’t show in their search results and, as a result, you will not receive irrelevant booking enquiries.

How to use our calendar to your advantage

Insert the ‘start date’ and the ‘end date’ of your property's availability; then, ‘mark as available’.

Tip: You can use the blocking function to mark other periods as available. For example, on the calendar above, if you want to set the availability from 17th February, you have to block the period from 27th November to 16th February.

Setting the minimum required stay and availability

When setting the availability of your property ensure you set a ‘minimum required stay’ duration. Skipping this step runs the risk that your property will show as unavailable to some searchers; for example, if you've set your ‘minimum required stay’ to 3 months and a tenant selects a date range from 1st September to 31st October (only 2 months), then your property will not appear.

Tip: We recommend you to choose ‘no end date’ to make sure that your listing will always appear in the search results.

Automating your calendar functionality:

If you have many properties you wish to list on our platform, you can integrate your database with HousingAnywhere to save you time and effort. Find out more here.

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