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How to use the Calendar


How to use the Calendar


Aug 10 • 2 minute read

On HousingAnywhere we have a Calendar so you can easily manage the rental periods and availability for each of your properties. We strongly advise to make use of the Calendar so you can get the right tenant requests for you!

Why is it so important?

Keeping your listings availability up-to-date, means that you don’t have to spend your time responding to tenants who can not rent your property because it’s already booked for the dates they are selecting.

When searching for a room, each potential tenant will select a rental period for their desired move in and move out dates. This is part of the normal search process.

Ensuring your Calendar is kept up-to-date means your listing will appear in the search results, of those potential tenants, that have matching desired rental period.

If those dates are not available for your property then, it won’t show in their search results and, as a result, you will not receive unnecessary messages.

The Calendar allows you and your future tenants to have a clear view of available and unavailable periods.

Using the Calendar's functionality to your advantage:

To mark a period as available, then insert ‘start date’ and then the ‘end date’ and then ‘mark as available’.

Tip: If you try to put as available a period that is already available (that appears in white in the Calendar), an error message will pop up. Instead, block the period which is not available.

For example, on the Calendar above, if you want to set the availability from 1 September, you have to block the period from 16 July to 31 August.

Setting the minimum required stay and availability

When setting the availability of your property, if you wish the availability of your property to match your specific schedule, you must ensure you set a ‘minimum required stay’ duration. If you fail to do this then there is a risk that your property will show unavailable.

For example: if you've set your ‘minimum required stay’ to 3 months and a tenant selects a date range of 1st September to 31st October (only 2 months), then your property will either not show up in that search criteria for the tenant or will show as unavailable.

Tip: We recommend you to choose ‘no end date’ to make sure that your listing will always appear in the search results.

Automating your Calendar functionality:

If you have many properties you wish to list on our platform, we also offer the opportunity to use ‘iCal’ (or '.ics') links to sync your Google Calendar or to implement “feed” integrations.

‘iCal’ is a web-based calendar software program. You can access iCal from any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari. iCal allows you to view your calendar as well as other calendars in your group. You can add bookings/events to your calendar and even set up email reminders for those events. It is a very simple process to set up and gives you complete control and visibility to all your bookings.

Find out more about integrating your database with HousingAnywhere.

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