How to rank your listings higher in the search results


Updated on Oct 09 • 1 minute read

Once you publish a great listing, your next step is to get as many potential tenants as possible to check it out. But what can you do to push your listing to the top of the search results? To answer your question, we'll explain how our ranking works and what you can do to influence it.

Factors that influence the ranking of your listings in the search results

Response rate

The response rate calculates how many enquiries from potential tenants you reply to compared to the total enquiries you receive. For example, you reply to a potential tenant when you:

  • send a message back to the potential tenant
  • decline the potential tenant
  • send an invitation to book.

Ideally, your response rate should be 100%.

Response time

The response time calculates the average time between receiving a message from the tenant and your reply or action.

Make sure you answer as soon as possible, ideally within a few hours. It has been shown that lower response time leads to more successful bookings.

The response rate and response time are displayed on your public landlord profile. Good response time and response rate improve your trustworthiness.

Number of successful bookings

The more bookings you have, the better your visibility.

Advertiser’s booking ratio

We calculate this ratio based on the number of successful bookings versus the number of active conversations you have.

You can get more relevant conversations by ensuring that your listing information is comprehensive and your calendar is up to date. The fastest way to positively influence this ratio is by using the ‘invite to book’ feature.

Length and detail of the property description

Write a complete and detailed description informing the potential tenants about the characteristics of each room, apartment/flat, neighbourhood area, rental conditions etc.

Number of photos in the listing

Add several good-quality photos of each room from different angles. Find the best perspectives and highlight the unique characteristics of your property. Make sure the rooms are well-lit and your property looks clean and inviting.

And don't worry if you don't have a camera, you can make professional-looking images even with your smartphone!!

Your rental price

The more accurately you price your rent, the higher it will be ranked. Check out the HousingAnywhere RentRadar to get an estimate for your optimum rental rate.

4 quick steps to improve your search ranking

  1. Write detailed and compelling descriptions for your listing.
  2. Keep your calendar up to date.
  3. Add good-quality photos of each room.
  4. Respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

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