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Importance of Response time and Response rate


Why Your Response Time and Response Rate are so important


Aug 08 • 1 minute read

Every element on your profile is there to help you create trust and get more requests from potential tenants. But your response rate and your response time— can make a big difference on the number of inquiries your receive.

What are Response Time and Response Rate?

The Response Time is the average time it takes you to reply to a message, from the moment you received it.

The Response Rate is a percentage indicating how many messages you answer out of the total messages you receive.

Response rate and Response time show potential tenants how responsive you are on the platform.

You can easily maintain a high response rate and a low response time by answering every inquiry within a few hours.

Even if you accept, decline or invite the tenant to book, you must write a message in order to maintain you response rate and response time.

Being responsive helps you to rank higher in the search results

We like to provide potential tenants with the best experience possible. We do this by ranking quality listings from the most responsive landlords higher in the search results. Being on top of the search results is a great way to get more visibility and more booking requests. Which means renting out your properties even quicker!

Being Responsive Creates Trust and Increases the Number of Enquiries you Receive

Showing potential tenants that you answer every request in a timely manner is a great way to encourage them to send you more enquiries!

It also creates trust between you and your future tenants. Responsive landlords are perceived as more reliable.

Additionally, not receiving any answer can be very frustrating for someone looking for accommodation. Some potential tenants simply stop contacting unresponsive advertisers.

Having more enquiries allows you to screen a wider audience of potential tenants and choose the best and most suitable candidate for you!

Listings with multiple unanswered requests are hidden from the search results

In order to prevent landlords from receiving too many requests for the same listings, listings with more than 5 open conversations are temporarily removed from the search results.

A conversation remains active until the request has been accepted, declined or cancelled, or after 72 hours have passed.

If you want to keep receiving more requests, you should always accept or decline the ones you already received!


Keep your response time within a few hours and your response rate above 85%.

Ideally, you should reply in a personal way and use the features “Invite to Book”, “Decline” and “Special Offer”.

If you manage multiple listings, replying to many requests in a personalized way can be challenging.

In this case we suggest you to use templates. It’s a great way to provide fast answers to a large number of potential tenants!

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