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Updated on Mar 09 • 2 minute read

Your responsiveness on the platform is a key factor for your visibility and trustworthiness, so it’s important to manage your inbox correctly.

The inbox was designed to make your rental process easier, and we are constantly working on improving it.

You can access the inbox from the top navigation bar. Click on the Arrow symbol next to your name, and in the drop-down menu, click on Inbox.

You'll see your inbox menu on the left of the screen.

How the inbox page works

New requests are sent to your 'Unread' folder. Depending on the action taken, your conversations will automatically move to one of the following folders:

  • Active: Once you respond to a message from your potential tenant, the conversation moves to the 'Active' folder.

  • Pending: When you invite a tenant to book or receive a booking request but the booking hasn't been completed yet, the conversation will temporarily be stored in the 'Pending' folder.

  • Booked: Once a booking is confirmed, the conversation moves to the 'Booked' folder.

  • Shortlisted: Here, you will find all the conversations with potential tenants you’ve shortlisted. To shortlist a tenant, simply click on the Star icon.

  • Expired: Depending on the region, the time limit to respond to a booking request is 24 or 48 hours. If you don't answer a request within the time limit, the conversation moves to the 'Expired' folder. You can still open the conversation and answer the messages. To avoid missed opportunities, make sure to check the 'Expired' folder often.

  • Archive: Here are all the conversations you archived by clicking on the 'Thumbs down' button in the conversation overview.

All messages is where you can find conversations from all the above folders.

How to shortlist and archive conversations

You can find the Star and Thumbs down buttons on the right-hand side of each conversation. This feature helps you to quickly make a preselection of the requests you receive.

  • Click on Star icon for your preferred tenants: the conversation will move to the folder 'Shortlist'.

  • Click on Archive if the tenant is not a good fit for you. The conversations will move to the folder 'Archive'.

Please note that clicking on Star or Archive icons doesn’t notify potential tenants. You’ll still need to answer their messages and accept, decline or invite them to book.

How to share other listings in a conversation

Sometimes, you might receive a request for a specific property, but you have a better option available for this tenant. Check out our guide on how to manage multiple listings to learn how to redirect the tenant toward another listing.

How to save time responding to frequently asked questions

Below the Inbox folders, you'll find Quick Replies. You can use Quick Replies to create ready-made responses for the questions you get frequently. When sending a message to your potential tenant, you can click on Quick Replies below the chatbox and select one of your pre-written responses or create a new one.

How to send and receive documents within a conversation

If you need to exchange documents before accepting the booking request, click on the clip icon Upload File. This way, you can send contracts or receive IDs, enrolment certificates, payslips etc.

How to filter conversations by tenants and listings

You can sort conversations by tenants, listings or keywords. Type the information in the search bar on the top left of your Inbox page.

Note: Make sure to respond to every request quickly to keep your response rate and response time optimum.

We suggest keeping your inbox clean to have a good overview of your requests and confirmed bookings.

If you have any questions about using the inbox, feel free to contact us at

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