How to write an appealing description for your listings


Updated on May 31 • 2 minute read

Having a clear and detailed description of your listing is essential when setting expectations for your property. But writing doesn't always come easy. So here's a couple of tips to get you started!

What to include in your listing's description

Your listing's description should include the following information:

  • The property:

    • Is it a recently renovated flat?
    • Is it a student flat?
    • How many bedrooms does it have?
    • Is there a living room or a communal space?
    • Is the bathroom shared?
  • The accommodation:

    • Is there a single or double bed?
    • What appliances or furniture are included in the room?
    • Are guests allowed?
  • The neighbourhood:

    • Is it in a student neighbourhood?
    • Is it primarily a residential area?
    • How close is it to the city centre?
  • Proximity to local hotspots:

    • How close is the property to universities, public transportation, grocery stores, and other attractions?
  • The other flatmates:

    • Are they students or working professionals?
    • Male or female?
    • What’s the age range of the other tenants?
  • Extra services:

    • Do you offer discounts for long-term rental periods?
    • Do you provide other additional services (cleaning, luggage deposit, etc.)?

Here's how you can structure your description

Use the description section in your favour, highlighting the advantages and benefits of your property. Try to match what you write with quality photos for more clarity. It’s important to be honest and set the right expectations to avoid misunderstandings, disappointments or cancellations.

It’s also beneficial to use the description to welcome your new tenants e.g.:

  • 'International students are welcome!'
  • 'Looking forward to meeting you in Milan!'
  • 'I’m looking forward to receiving your messages!'

Offer details about the property: the rooms, furniture, facilities etc.

'This apartment is located on the first floor with a balcony and terrace in a new building. It is simple, cosy, modern, and bright. Entering the house you can find an open kitchen with all appliances you might need: a table, 4 wooden chairs and a PLASMA TV 32”. The living room has a very comfortable double sofa bed and large windows. The bathroom includes a washing machine and a comfortable shower. This apartment is perfect for accommodating up to four people in a modern and functional environment.'

Paint a picture of the neighbourhood and nearby amenities

'You'll be living in the trendy neighbourhood Porta Venezia, known for its stunning art-nouveau architecture and a vibrant LGBTQI+ scene. The area is a melting pot for different cultures, with many ethnic restaurants and bars for any taste and wallet. The apartment is located right next to a metro and train station Porta Venezia, so you can get anywhere in Milan with ease. Only a few minutes away is a 1.2 km-long shopping street Corso Buenos Aires and in 15 minutes you can reach the city centre by foot.'

Don't forget to include some practical information:

'After your departure, the deposit will be refunded after the inventory inspection (if nothing is missing or broken). We inform you that to prepare your contract, we need the CODICE FISCALE, the enrollment letter of your school or the company you work for, and a valid identity document.'

Making your listing appealing will be a tad easier if you follow the above tips!

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Write an appealing description!

An engaging description for your listings will save you time and make your profile look more complete and trustworthy.

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