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How to write an appealing description


How to write an appealing description for your listings


Aug 08 • 1 minute read

Writing a complete, personal and welcoming description allows your listing to be more appealing, engaging and increases the chance of receiving tenant enquiries.

Along with great pictures of your property, having a clear and detailed description also reduces the amount of questions, saving you a lot of time in the long run. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that, if you already include the information in your listing, will reduce the amount of questions asked and save you time!

Your description should include the following information about:

  • The property: Is it a recently renovated flat? Is it a student flat? How many bedrooms? Is there a living room or communal space? Shared bathroom?

  • The room: Is there a single or double bed? What appliances or furniture are included in the room? How many square meters is the room? Are guests allowed? Is smoking allowed in the property?

  • The neighborhood area: Is it a students area? Is it mainly a residential area? How close to the city center?

  • Proximity to local hotspots: How close is the property to the University, public transportation, grocery stores, city center?.

  • The other flatmates: are they students or working professionals? Male or female? Age range of other tenants?

  • Rental condition: What is the minimum rental period? Do you offer discount for longterm rental periods? Do you offer some additional services (cleaning, luggage deposit). Be precise on the total monthly rent, total deposit and whether it includes utilities or not.

  • About you: Write something about yourself so prospective tenants get to know their new landlord (job, hobby, interest etc.).

Use the description section in your favour, highlighting the advantages and benefits of your property. It’s important to be honest and set the right expectations, to avoid misunderstandings and avoid disappointment or cancellations.

It’s also beneficial to use the description to welcome your next tenants with a nice sentence like” “International students are welcome!” or “Looking forward to meet you in Florence!”.

Take a look to the example below:

Tip: To get your room booked faster, you can add also this sentence "Send me a message with a short description about yourself and, if you want to rent the room and when, directly send me a a booking request!”.

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