Why you should invite tenants to book


Updated on Aug 10 • 2 minute read

There are two ways through which you can get your accommodation booked: either by accepting a booking request from a tenant, or by sending an invitation to book.

Tenants are more likely to accept an invitation to book rather than send a booking request. On average, advertisers who send out invitations to book find a tenant three times faster.

How to use the 'Invite to book' feature

When you receive a message from an interested tenant, you should already have enough information to evaluate them from their introduction and profile. If the candidate is a good fit for you, you can reply to their message and then click on the 'invite to book' button.

Once you've sent an invitation to book, your selected tenant has 48 hours to accept, complete their payment and in so doing, book your place. Note that during this time period, they can also change the requested rental dates.

The 'invite to book' feature shows a tenant that you mean business and are happy to host them. Moreover, inviting a tenant to book increases your ranking position in the search results; therefore, the more invites you send, the higher your chances of getting more bookings.

What happens after you receive a message from a potential tenant

Did you receive more than one enquiry?

Congratulations! You can now invite all potential tenants to book! The first person who completes the booking will become your new tenant. Should this happen, all your other 'invite to book' requests will be automatically cancelled, so there is no risk of double bookings.

Want to find out more about your potential tenant before you invite them to book?

Visit their profile for extra information and ask all the questions you want via our direct messaging system.

Are you not receiving relevant booking requests?

If you're not getting requests that match your criteria, don’t worry. Politely reply to the tenant before refusing their request by clicking on 'Decline'. Read more our superior matching here.

Are you not receiving enough booking requests?

We're here to help you! One of the things you can do to improve your property's ranking is to make your listing as complete as possible. Follow our guide on making your listings more appealing and improving your visibility in the search results.

Sending a 'Special Offer'

When you find a preferred tenant whose needs don’t quite match your requirements, you can grant them a ‘Special offer’; through this feature you’ll be able to make adjustments to your offer just for that specific tenant. You can adjust either the date range or the rental price of your accommodation.

The ‘Special offer’ function works in the same way as the ‘invite to book’ function; it is still an invitation to book your property and the tenant has 48 hours to respond.

In conclusion, being proactive and inviting tenants to book will ensure that you find the right tenants and rent out your properties in no time!

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