How to build trust with your HousingAnywhere profile


Updated on Aug 09 • 1 minute read

First impressions count. Your HousingAnywhere profile is the first introduction that your tenants have of you and their potential future home. To stand out from the rest, make sure that all the property information is complete and up to date and that the pictures of the living spaces are clear and of high quality: this helps tenants to make a fully informed decision.

In our experience, if your profile contains a lot of information, tenants are more likely to trust you and see that you're a reliable and genuine advertiser. As a result, they are more likely to book your room!

See examples below of what makes a complete profile and what an incomplete profile looks like:

A complete profile example

An incomplete profile example

Get 5 times more messages than average

Advertisers with complete profiles get 5 times more messages than average! Here’s what you can do to improve your profile:

- Profile picture: Having your face in the profile picture goes a long way to establish trust and shows that you are part of the trusted HousingAnywhere community.

- Your name: Your name must be your real name, it’s not possible to insert the name of a company. Only your first name is visible on your public profile to protect your privacy.

- Response Time: The faster you respond to tenants, the more successful you will be. Tenants also associate trust with your response rate.

- Verify your account: Get your email, phone number and Facebook account verified. For more info check out this guide.

- Short description: Tell potential tenants about yourself. For how long have you been renting out rooms? Where are you from? What are your hobbies/interests? Anything else you would like to say to your potential tenants? Your profile description helps tenants feel comfortable with booking and paying online for their future home abroad. It really does help to establish trust!

-Pictures of your property: This is a really crucial factor in making a good first impression. Make sure you have clear, bright photos of every room in the property.

Remember that your potential tenants are only going to see your property through the images, videos and floor plans you upload. If you want to make your listing look even more trustworthy, you can book a professional photoshoot with our partner BOOM Image Studio. Find more information here.

-Spoken language: Let tenants know your preferred language and any other language they can use to communicate with you. This helps potential tenants to contact you in the most effective way possible!

You can find some more tips in the articles below!

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