How to manage multiple listings


Updated on Aug 08 • 1 minute read

Managing multiple property listings can be challenging. Creating the listings, answering all your messages and keeping your rental process organised is time-consuming. Here are some tips on easily managing all your listings on HousingAnywhere.

Finding your listings through our filters

If you have multiple listings, you might find it hard to differentiate them, especially if their location, pictures and prices are similar.

On HousingAnywhere, you can give an ‘Alias’ to your listings. The Alias can be a number, reference code or nickname you use to distinguish your listings. These aliases will only be seen by you and won’t be displayed publicly. These could be very useful if you rent multiple rooms at the same address. Examples of aliases could be 'Big Window Room' or 'Yellow Wall Room'.

You can then search for your listings by the alias, street name, city or house number in the search bar of the listing page.

In your inbox, you can filter conversations by alias to see only the messages related to a specific listing.

Creating multiple listings for a shared flat

When you want to advertise multiple rooms in a shared flat, you don’t need to create many different listings one by one. You can simply duplicate your existing property listings.

How to redirect your potential tenants to your other listings

Sometimes you might receive requests for a specific property, but you may want to redirect the tenant towards another listing that would be a better fit.

We have made this very easy:

  1. Copy the link to the listing that you would like to send to the potential tenant
  2. Paste this link in the conversation.
  3. In your message, ask the tenant to send a booking request for the suggested listing.

It’s as easy as that. Do you manage a hall of residence with very similar units? We've got it covered, send us an email at: and we will get you started.

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