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How to take professional pictures with a smartphone


How to make professional looking pictures using a smartphone


Aug 08 • 1 minute read

Having good, clear quality photos of your property is one of the key ways to catch the eye of a prospective tenant. Having a collection of good photos, to show off your property, certainly sets the right first impression and goes a long way to speed up the pre-consideration decision process for the tenant.

We know that getting professional pictures of your rooms can be costly and take your valuable time. So here are some tips to help you taking stunning pictures of your rooms, just by using your smartphone, and improve your chances to quickly find a tenant.

There are 3 easy steps we strongly recommend before taking photos of your property:

Step 1: Prepare your property

  • A clean and tidy property is of primary importance and gives the best looking pictures and best first impression.
  • Take pictures of all the rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, toilet(s), corridors etc. This will ensure your prospective tenants can make a truly informed decision and speed up their decision process to book.

Step 2: Pay attention to the light

  • Switch the lights on, if you have poor natural lighting, to give a brighter, clearer image.
  • If possible, for best results, take photos during day-time, utilising bright natural light. On most smartphones, you can touch your screen, in different places, to find the best focus for the light

Step 3. Take pictures from different angles

  • Turn your smartphone horizontal, to enable pictures to be taken in a wide angle mode.
  • Take 4 different pictures from the 4 different angles of the room, to find the best perspective and show the room off in the best possible way.
  • Windows are very important. Make sure they appear on the pictures, as this shows how light and airy the room is.

Tip: Taking pictures slightly below eye level gives an impression of openness.

Here is a great example of a listing with pictures taken with a smart phone.

Interested in improving your listing even more with a video? Take a look at how to upload videos to your listings.

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