How to make professional looking pictures using a smartphone


Updated on Aug 08 • 1 minute read

Having good, clear quality photos of your property is one of the key ways to catch the eye of a prospective tenant. Having a collection of good photos to show off your property, certainly sets the right first impression and helps tenants make up their minds about your property faster.

We know that getting professional pictures of your property can be costly and take time. So here are some tips to help you take stunning pictures for your listings with your smartphone, in order to improve your chances of finding a tenant quickly.

So here are some tips to help you take professional-looking photos of your rooms

Step 1: Prepare your property

  • Cleaning and tidying your property is absolutely crucial, as it allows you to take stunning photos and offer a positive first impression.
  • Take pictures of all the rooms, including the kitchen, bathroom, toilet(s), corridors etc. This will ensure that your potential tenants can make a truly informed decision and speed up their decision process.

Step 2: Pay attention to the light

  • If you have poor natural lighting in a room, switch the lights on to capture a brighter, clearer image.
  • For best results, try to take photos during day-time, taking advantage of natural sunlight. On most smartphones you can find the best focus for the light by just touching the screen.

Step 3. Take pictures from different angles

  • Turn your smartphone horizontally to take photos from a wider angle.
  • Take pictures from different angles to find the more advantageous perspective and show off the room at its best.
  • Windows are very important! Make sure they are included in the pictures, as this shows how bright and airy the room is.
  • Tip: Taking pictures slightly below eye level gives an impression of openness.

Interested in making your listing stand out even more? We’ve got the features to help! Try adding a video or a floor plan.

Here is a great example of a listing with pictures taken with a smart phone.

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