How to save time with no in-person viewings


Updated on Mar 16 • 2 minute read

How often do potential tenants cancel, reschedule or even fail to show up for viewings? A lot! That's because tenants typically schedule 3 to 8 viewings with different landlords before they even sign a lease for a room.

In short, working with in-person viewings can be very time consuming. We have a solution for you: online bookings, no viewings!

We’re sure you’d rather save time by simply accepting bookings directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The advantages of booking online without in-person viewings

Get the best tenants to rent your properties

Tenants who book online and in advance, are more reliable, serious and committed. This is because, in order to complete a reservation on the platform, tenants must pay the first month’s rent, plus a service fee equal to approximately 25% of the first month’s rent.

Save time and energy

As you probably know, tenants don’t always rent the rooms they view. This means that you’ll most likely have to schedule multiple viewings before signing a lease with your future tenants. By skipping viewings, you have more time to manage your properties and perfect your listings.

Get to know your tenants before inviting them into your property

You often don’t know much about the potential tenants who come to view your accommodation. What if you could actually get to know your future tenants before even meeting them in person? With HousingAnywhere's features you can.

  • Chat with your potential tenants real-time, using our direct messaging system
  • Have a look at their profile picture and personal details such as age, gender, country and city of origin etc.
  • Request and share documents such as IDs, university acceptance letters, working contracts, proof of income etc.

How to adopt a no in-person viewing policy

These are a few simple steps you can take:

1. Make sure your listings are completely true to reality.

Pictures, descriptions, videos and floor plans of your properties must be appealing and accurate. This way potential tenants won't ask you tons of questions and won't need to view your property in person.

It’s really important to add high-quality media to your listings; as you know, your potential tenants won’t be able to view your accommodation before moving in.

2. State in your listing descriptions that you don’t work with in-person viewings.

This makes it really clear to potential tenants that they must book entirely online. You’ll receive fewer requests for viewings!

3. In case a tenant asks for a personal viewing...

Due to safety reasons, we do not allow users to communicate outside the platform before completing the booking process. In case a tenant asks for a personal viewing, they are probably new to HousingAnywhere and don’t know that viewings are not possible. You can let them know that a viewing isn't possible by sending them a standard response such as:

I'm sorry, but you cannot visit the property. This is because I want to give the same chance to every candidate, even if they live abroad. The accommodation is exactly as described in the advertisement; once you book through the platform, HousingAnywhere safeguards your payments and will only transfer the money 48 hours after you have moved in. This will give you a chance to see that the place is as advertised.

If you need more information on how to save time with no in-person viewings, feel free to contact us at!

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