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How to save time with no viewings


How to save time with no in-person viewings


Aug 08 • 2 minute read

How often do tenants cancel, reschedule or even fail to show up for viewings?

How often does a tenant actually book the room after a viewing?

Tenants typically schedule 3 to 8 viewings with different landlords before they sign a lease for a room.

In short, working with in-person viewings can be very time consuming. We have a great solution for you: Bookings with No Viewings!

We’re sure you’d rather spend your time doing what you love; time to simply accept bookings directly from your smartphone or tablet.

What are the advantages of online booking over in-person viewings?

1. Get the best tenants into your properties

Tenants who book online, in advance, are more reliable, serious and committed.

In order to complete a reservation, tenants must pay online the first-month’s rent + our service fee (25% of the first-month rent). They do not have the possibility to cancel their booking last minute. This shows you how serious they are about renting your properties.

2. Save your time and your energy to do what you love

As you probably experienced, tenants do not always rent the rooms they visit. It means you most likely have to organise and execute multiple viewings before to sign a lease with your future tenants.

Organising in-person viewings requires time and effort. With HousingAnywhere, this extra step is no longer necessary.

3. Get to know your tenants before meeting them in person

You often don’t know much about the potential tenants who view the accommodation. Many landlords reported us some uncomfortable situations they experienced when doing in-person viewings.

What if you could actually screen and get to know your potential tenants before even meeting them for the first time?

With HousingAnywhere you can:

  • Chat with your potential tenants to get to know them
  • Have a look at their profile pictures and personal details such as age, gender, country and city of origin etc.
  • Request documents such as IDs, university acceptance letter, working contract, proof of income etc.

How to transition over to no in-person viewings?

There are few simple steps you can take to make sure you don’t need to do viewings anymore:

1. Make sure your listings are complete and match the reality.

Pictures, descriptions and all features of your properties must be appealing and accurate. This way, potential tenants don’t need to ask you tonnes of questions and to view the property in person.

2. Write in the description of your listings that you don’t work with in-person viewings.

This makes it really clear to potential tenants that they must book entirely online. You’ll receive way less requests for viewings!

3. What if a tenant still asks you for a viewing?

Due to safety reasons, we do not allow users to communicate outside the platform before completing the booking process.

In case a tenant asks for a personal viewing, keep in mind that s/he is probably new to HousingAnywhere and doesn’t know that viewings are not possible yet.

We suggest that you reject requests for viewings. You can do this very easily with a standard response.

If you need more information on how to save time with no in-person viewings, feel free to contact us at support@housinganywhere.com!

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