How to upload videos & 360° visuals to your listings

Learn how videos in your listings on HousingAnywhere can help you attract more tenants.


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Updated on 31 May 2023

Photos, extensive descriptions and floor plans are a great way to set realistic expectations, but they don't show every detail of your property. Adding a more immersive experience with videos and 360° tours will give potential tenants a better sense of the space and convince them to book your listing quicker.

Let's see how you can make great videos and 360° tours and upload them to your listing.

How to make a great video

  1. Start your videos by entering through the front door as if you were giving an in-person viewing.

  2. Ideally, make your video during the day, taking advantage of natural daylight, or turn the lights on if needed.

  3. You should aim to do your ‘walkthrough’ video within 1–2 minutes; preferably, take your video in one continuous shot.

  4. Make sure you show all the common areas, including the bathroom and toilets.

  5. Using a smartphone is OK, as it is inexpensive and the quality is good enough. Just make sure you have enough storage before shooting the video.

  6. There is no need for you to speak while filming. The video will be muted when uploaded to your listing.

  7. Remember to make one video for every listing you have.

How to upload your videos

You can add your video to a new listing or edit an existing one. To do that, go to the Media page in the editing menu of your listing. Then you can either upload your file directly to the page or add a link from YouTube. If you're adding a video from YouTube, make sure it's set to 'public'.

360° Tours

As part of the online viewing experience, you can offer potential tenants an online tour of your property by uploading a 360° photo. They are simple to create, easy to upload, and interactively showcase your property. They also help manage expectations, reducing the likelihood of cancellations.

You can upload 360° tours as you would photos. All you need is a camera with a 360° photo function.

How you can take a 360° photo:

  • take a 360° photo with a 360° camera (e.g. Samsung Gear 360, RICOH THETA S, 360Fly, Giroptic 360 Cam, ALLie Camera or Panono.)
  • capture a 360° photo/photo sphere on your phone using a built-in camera app or an app like Street View or Google Camera.

Once you have taken your 360° photo, you can upload it to your multimedia listing gallery. You must upload it in JPG or PNG image format (max 7 MB). When you upload a 360° photo to your listing, you must mark it in your multimedia listing gallery as a 360° tour.

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