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How to upload videos to your listings


How to upload videos to your listings


Aug 09 • 1 minute read

Having a video of your property gives the ultimate experience for prospective tenants and helps speed up the consideration process for rental. Videos give a sense of reality and is the perfect virtual viewing experience. In fact, having a video uploaded on to our portal along with an attractive description, means you won't have to do an in person viewing!

How to make a great video:

  1. Start your video as if you were giving an in person viewing by starting the video from entering the front door.

  2. Ideally make your video during the day, taking advantage of natural daylight and make sure the lights are on, for those rooms without windows.

  3. You should aim to do your ‘walkthrough’ video within 1 - 2 minutes maximum, preferably take your video in one continuous shot.

  4. Make sure you visit all common areas, including bathroom and toilets, like in a real viewing!

  5. Using a smartphone is perfect, as it's at no cost and the quality is good. Just make sure you have enough storage before shooting the video.

  6. There is no need for you to speak whilst filming as the sound will not be able to be played, when uploaded to your listing.

  7. Remember to make one video for every listing you have.

How to upload your videos

You'll need to have a YouTube account, and first upload the video there. Then you need to make sure the video has public access before copying and pasting the video link into the Listing Details flow when either adding a new listing or editing an existing one.

If you don't have a YouTube account, then no problem! Simply send the video by email to support@housinganywhere.com, or to your HousingAnywhere Account Manager, and we will upload it on YouTube for you and upload it to your listing. If you have several listings, then please provide each link that corresponds to each different listing on HousingAnywhere. Remember: it's only possible to upload one video per listing.

Here's how the video will look on your HousingAnywhere listing.

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