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Why you should keep communication and payment on HousingAnywhere


Aug 08 • 1 minute read

One of the main reasons why tenants choose to book their accommodation through HousingAnywhere is because of the Safe Booking System. Usually, tenants are abroad when they're searching, so are unable to visit the property or meet the advertiser in person. However, with HousingAnywhere, tenants can trust that their rent is being sent to the correct person and the property is going to be how it was shown in the listing when they move in.

There are also a number of advantages for advertisers to keep contact and payments through HousingAnywhere. Here's how it can help you!

1. Peace of mind and security

  • Be protected with our cancellation and refund policies. : we guarantee you the first month rent even if your tenants cancel after their booking has been made.

  • We ensure that your payment is transferred directly to your bank account 48 hours after the tenant has moved in.

  • The tenants you get through HousingAnywhere have already been verified and have the ability to pay online with credit or debit card.

2. It saves you time!

  • Keeping the process online, and on HousingAnywhere, enables you to save time on your rentals. Firstly, potential tenants are willing to pay and book online, without doing viewings and therefore saving you time!

  • You can see a full overview of your bookings and your tenants in one place.

  • Your potential tenants can send you documents (like ID, contracts) directly through the conversation windown, so no need to exchange email addresses or wait for secured postal services.

3. Helps you become more visible and & receive more bookings

  • One of the key activities HousingAnywhere measures is your response time and response rate to prospective tenants. This is an important part of the booking process as it shows prospective tenants that you will respond to your messages and how well you communicate.

  • As a result of doing the above, you can also make your profile look even more trustworthy by making even more bookings!

Finally, in order to detect potential fraudulent behaviour on, we use special software to detect unauthorised behaviour. We ask both tenants and advertisers to ensure ALL communication takes place on HousingAnywhere, to ensure both parties are protected from potential fraudulent activity.

The chat system is built with a sanitizer which detects these behaviours; phone numbers and/or email addresses are automatically deleted from your messages. Therefore we make communicating and using our booking system a mandatory requirement to ensure the safety of all parties.

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