How do I receive my payment?


Updated on Aug 08 • 1 minute read

First of all, congratulations! If you're reading this article, you've probably successfully secured a tenant through HousingAnywhere. Now it’s time for the important part — getting your money.

Step 1: Complete your 'Payout Methods'

  • Payouts for bookings are transferred to your account 48 hours after your tenant moves in.
  • To receive your payment, open your Account and click on ‘Payout Methods’. You can choose to receive your payment through bank transfer or by using your IBAN. Enter your IBAN and the account holder’s name, then click on 'Submit’. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your selected payout method. After we have released the funds, you will receive your payout in 2-5 business days for regular transfers or 3-10 business days for international transfers.

Step 2: Complete your ‘Billing details’

In order to receive your payments and create your invoices, you have to fill out your ‘Billing details’.

  1. Select if you are renting out your listing as a private or as a company/business.
  2. Write your name, surname and nationality.
  3. Fill out your VAT ID/number, if you have one. Failing to add your VAT ID/number means you will not be able to detract the national taxes.
  4. Fill out your street address and house number, country, city and postal code.
  5. Click on ‘Submit billing information’.

When will you receive your payments?.

For more information on our Payment Requests, check out our guide to understand what the Payment Overview is and how to trace your money via our Live Payment Tracking links.

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