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Updated on Feb 12 • 1 minute read

When you receive a message from a tenant, we track your progress so you can easily see how close you are to making your next booking. The steps are shown in what we call the ‘conversation flow’ with your potential tenants. Here you'll understand each and every step.

1. Receive message

Your potential tenants will demonstrate their interest for your property by sending a message through our direct messaging system. Make sure you enable your SMS and email notifications.

2. Send invitation to book

Now that you’re in contact with your potential tenant, you can both initiate the booking process. You can send an ‘invitation to book’, or they can send you a ‘booking request’. If you initiate the booking, bear these things in mind:

  • You can send invitations to multiple potential tenants.
  • The first to accept will become your tenant, and all other invitations will be automatically cancelled to prevent double-bookings.
  • You can also send a ‘special offer’ with modifications to your rental period and rental rate.
  • However, if your potential tenant sends you a ‘booking request’ before you invite them, you can simply accept it, and your place will be booked.

Find out more about sending invitations to book in this guide.

3. Wait for confirmation

Depending on the region, your chosen tenant has 24 or 48 hours to pay and confirm their booking.

If your potential tenant books another accommodation, then don’t worry, we will let you know and you’ll be able to send invitations to book to other tenants.

Make sure you provide us with your preferred payout methods by filling the details so that we can handle the transfer of the funds. On the drop down menu, click on 'Payout settings'. Then, fill out you payout methods and your billing details.

4. Booking confirmed

Now that your booking has been confirmed, you can start thinking about the next administrative steps, such as getting your tenants to sign the contract, securing the deposit, handing over the keys etc.

Learn everything about our Online Rent Collection system and the benefits of using our 'payment requests'.

When do I receive my payouts?

We’ll transfer you the first month’s rent 48 hours after your tenant has moved in. It can take between 3 and 5 working days for your bank to transfer the payment into your account. This timeframe may vary depending on your bank, so get in touch with them to receive more accurate information.

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