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How to complete a booking


How to complete a booking


Aug 10 • 1 minute read

When you receive a message from a tenant, we track your progress so you can easily see how close you are to making your next booking! The steps are shown in the conversation flow with your potential tenants. Here you'll learn about managing each step of the process!

1. Answer your messages

Your potential tenants will send you messages with their desired rental period to show their interest. You'll receive a notification on your phone and/or an email from us.

2. Inviting a tenant to book

As an online booking platform, a proposal has to be sent by either you, or your potential tenant, and accepted by the other party. Here's how to send an invitiation book:

  1. Firstly send the tenant an invite to book as soon as you see a potential fit.

  2. Feel free to send out several invitations to book to more than one tenant. The first tenant to complete the booking will be the one who will move in. Don't worry, the other bookings will get cancelled so there will be no risk of double bookings.

  3. When you're almost close to completing a booking but want to make an adjustment for a particular tenant, then you can also send a ‘special offer’ where you can either modify the desired rental period to fit better with the needs of your potential tenant or the amount of the rent, to close the deal!

  4. If you receive a booking request; simply accept the booking request and your place is automatically booked!

3. Wait for confirmation

Once you've sent an invitation to book or a special offer, your potential tenant has 48 hours to make their payment to book your place.

If your potential tenant books another accommodation, then don’t worry! We’ll inform you so you know you can request a different tenant.

4. Fill in your payout methods and your billing details

Let us know your preferred payout methods so we can make sure you receive your rent!

  1. Fill out you payout methods

  1. Fill out your billing details

5. Once you have completed the first 4 steps, then you can arrange the administrative parts, such as:

  • Signing the contract
  • Securing the deposit
  • Handing over the keys

6. Receiving your funds!

48 hours after your tenant moves in, we'll transfer you the funds! It can take up to 3 to 5 working days for your bank to be make the funds available in your account. This time frame veries from bank to bank so get in touch with them to get the most accurate timescale.

Finally, see your full overview of bookings made on HousingAnywhere.

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