How to send a Payment Request or set up a Payment Plan


Updated on Mar 31 • 3 minute read

Mastering your rental income shouldn’t cost you time or energy. Here at HousingAnywhere, we’re all about minimal input for maximum output.

That's why we've built an easy and efficient Online Rent Collection system for payment requests. We asked ourselves: why stop at the first month’s rent? Why not enable sustained rental income for our advertisers, right on our platform, for the duration of the tenancy? So that’s what we did: we built a payment solution that will extend and enrich your rental cycle.

What are payment requests?

Immediately after you and your new tenant have confirmed the booking on the platform, you can send them payment requests for any fees supplementary to the first month’s rent: deposits, furnishing costs, the second month’s rent, and more. You can request all of these payments from the centralised comfort of the platform. And that’s it. Click ‘request’ and we’ll handle the collection.

Based on the due date you have set for the request, we’ll regulate the reminders, automatically sending them from our system to your tenant in advance of the due date. We’ll only be in touch to let you know when we've collected the money, paid it out or when it's overdue.

What are payment plans?

How does scheduling payments for the entirety of the rental period sound? Pretty good, right? That’s essentially what payment plans are! A payment plan is a collection of payment requests generated at the same time.

Create a payment plan and send multiple payment requests to your tenant in one go to save yourself time down the line. You can generate a bulk payment plan in a few simple steps and track and cancel the individual requests whenever you like. After you’ve created the plan, we’ll regulate the reminders for your tenant and let you know when they’re paid, just as we do with individual payment requests.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For security reasons and in line with our anti-fraud measures, if your tenant has yet to move in but has paid a payment request, we will hold on to the money and only transfer the funds to you 48 hours after the tenant has moved in. It's the same protocol we apply to the payout of the first month’s rent.

How do I send payment requests?

Remember that to send payment requests to a user, they must have first booked your property, i.e. they must officially be your tenant.

There are 2 ways you can send payment requests to your confirmed tenants:

Via the direct messaging system

1. After logging in, go to your Inbox and select the conversation with the tenant you want to request a payment from.

2. Select ‘SEND A PAYMENT REQUEST’ or 'CREATE PAYMENT PLAN'. The payment category, ‘Amount’ and ‘Title’ are required fields, meaning they must be filled to generate the request. If you're creating a recurring request (e.g. the monthly rent) via a payment plan, use the date picker to select the date the payment will be due for every month of the plan.

3. Once you’ve checked that all the information is correct, you can submit the payment request/ payment plan to trigger the series of notifications and reminders for your tenant.

4. If you sent a single payment request from the chat and want to send that tenant another request, select ‘SEND ANOTHER PAYMENT REQUEST’.

Via your Payment Overview

  1. Verify your phone number and identity with HousingAnywhere, so that you can access your payment overview from the navigation bar.

  2. Click on the arrow by your name in the top right corner.

  3. Select Payout settings then Payment requests to be taken to your overview.

  4. Click ADD NEW.

  5. Select a tenant by searching either by name, house, or alias.

  6. Create as many requests as you like by filling out the title, type, the number of months you want the payment to repeat (e.g. monthly rent for 7 months or ‘one-time’ deposit ), due date, and amount.

  7. Save or delete each request before adding another to the payment plan.

  8. When you're ready, create your payment plan.

Creating payment requests via HousingAnywhere will save you the time you would usually spend going through your emails, papers, and records to find the name of your tenant, the rental property address and the duration of the rental period. We automatically fill in these details for you.

The future of online rent collection

We will continue to expand this feature so stay tuned. We hope our Online Rent Collection system radically improves your experience with the platform and frees up a lot of time in your schedule.

If you have any questions about HousingAnywhere’s Online Rent Collection, please do not hesitate to contact our team or check out our FAQ page.

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