How to integrate your property database with HousingAnywhere


Updated on Jan 31 • 1 minute read

Updating all of your listings over multiple platforms can be time-consuming, especially if you have multiple listings on offer. Moreover, potential tenants could be misled if your listings aren't always up to date, resulting in more explanation-time for you when communicating with tenants.

Thankfully, HousingAnywhere works with 3 integration mechanisms. If you have a listings database, we can integrate it to your HousingAnywhere account, meaning that your property data is always synced across all your platforms.

Here's how you can integrate your property databases to save time!

Our 3 integration processes

HousingAnywhere API

Our API strongly advances data interoperability between HousingAnywhere and your Property Management Systems. As property managers you can use the API to connect your inventory to the HousingAnywhere platform, enabling you to reach a far bigger target audience.

When bookings are made on the HousingAnywhere platform, the API ensures that any partner systems are updated in real-time. The API also offers a managed solution for storing and accessing property data, such as your media (photos, videos and floor plans) as well as all your listing details. Find out more about the HousingAnywhere API here.


A feed is a link that connects your database to the HousingAnywhere database. All the changes you make in your database (price, availability, photos, description etc..) will be automatically updated, every day, on the HousingAnywhere database and publicly displayed on your published listings. Currently we support these file types:

  • JSON
  • XML

ICS file

An ICS file is a calendar file used by several email and calendar apps, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar. Several housing providers use ICS file to synchronize the availability of each of their properties advertised on multiple channels.

How to to integrate your database with HousingAnywhere:

After creating your HousingAnywhere account, you can send us your ICS, JSON or XML feed urls, which our system will parse. If you wish to integrate with our API you can request a private API key from our team on

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