How to sync your calendar with HousingAnywhere: a step by step guide


Updated on Mar 12 • 1 minute read

In this guide, we’ll show you how to sync your personal Google calendar with your HousingAnywhere listings' calendar. Any calendar that has an .ics or .ical file format will be able to sync with HousingAnywhere.

It’s easy and will save you time in the long run. You won’t need to worry about updating your booking availability on HousingAnywhere: it will be done automatically.

Synching your Google Calendar

Step 1: Select the calendar you want to sync

Go to your Google Calendar and, on the left, uncheck all the calendars except the calendar associated with your listing. Please note that if you have more than one listing, they will each need separate calendars. As shown in the example below, there is a booking from Luca for December. We’ll sync this calendar to HousingAnywhere to block this booking period on the listing.

Step 2: Go to your calendar's settings

Hover over the three vertical dots on the right of your selected calendar. Click on Options for (calendar name). A pop-up will appear, click on Settings and sharing.

Step 3: Secret address in iCal

You’ll be taken to another screen. On the left side, click on ‘Integrate calendar’. You’ll see different ways to integrate your calendar. Go to the grey box titled ‘Secret address in iCal format’ and copy the link.

Step 4: Import your calendar on HousingAnywhere

Back on HousingAnywhere, open the listing calendar you'd like to sync. Underneath Sync calendars, click on Import your calendar file here and paste the link.

Once you’ve pasted the link, your calendar will take about 10 minutes to sync with HousingAnywhere. Any changes you make will now show on your listing calendar.

Find more information on how to manage multiple listings in the articles below.

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