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Updated on Jan 21 • 2 minute read

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, Germany seems to climb up the popularity ladder among international students and so more and more students plan to study in Germany 2021. This isn't all that surprising; after all, Germany stands out with its strong research and academic system and sets the foundation for kicking off your career in an economically strong country.

So why should international students study in Germany in 2021? We'll tell you three reasons that'll make you send out your application to a German university right now.

Reason 1: Erasmus in Germany: More investment into education 2021

2020 has left international students' plans pretty much in tatters: stays abroad have had to be paused, postponed or even cancelled in the pandemic, and many students have also lost the courage to leave their home country during this uncertain time.

Yet amidst the wreckage of many students' Erasmus semesters, Erasmus in Germany is now giving their students a spark of hope:

the EU is announcing a rapid expansion of the exchange programme!

With three times as many participants expected between 2021 and 2027, Erasmus in Germany and even across Europe is drastically expanding its programme, opening the doors to more opportunities for Europeans to set foot in German universities as well.

And so, from 2021 to 2027, more than 26 billion euros are to be allocated to the Erasmus programme. In other words, this will triple the number of participants to 12 million with a scholarship in their hands. So in 2021, financially speaking, the doors to studying in Germany will be opened wider than ever before!

Reason 2: Germany wins +58% in popularity among international students in 2021

2020 has been a year of changing plans and planlessness for everyone, and so the extent of the pandemic has pushed international students to reconsider their study plans. But have plans really changed that much?

BridgeU, one of the leading guides to university and career decisions, has taken a closer look. With 854 students from 83 countries, their research lends a good insight into how much COVID-19 has affected international mobility, and even more so, whether and how the pandemic is affecting international students' decisions for 2021. And lo and behold, plans have indeed changed for 33% of respondents, though 86% are still doggedly determined to enrol in universities this year.

What's much more striking about the survey though is how there is a clear change in country choice for university in 2021. While the all-time frontrunner and everyone's favourite USA has lost almost 71% in popularity with the pandemic,

three countries have taken a swing in popularity: Italy with 81%, followed by Germany (+53%) and India (+53%).

Above all, the fear of a lockdown in university and the big hurdle of travel have taken the decision away from the US, UK And Canada in popularity and placed Italy, Germany and India as the frontrunners, but international students also feel better about Germany when it comes to concerns about the academic experience (online seminars) and the social experience with the corona measures.

Reason 3: German labour market hit less hard than EU average

In economic matters, 2020 wasn't a shining year for Germany either: after a ten-year period of growth, Germany was hit by a severe recession with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. With the first lockdown in spring and the second lockdown in the wake of the second pandemic wave at the end of the year, GDP fell by 5.0%.

Yet Germany proved to be clever with its government measures: by offering short-time working benefits, Germany was able to get the unemployment rate to rise at a moderate rate.

The EU average unemployment rate is 7.5, while Germany is well below that at 2.5.

The same is reflected in the youth unemployment rate: The EU average is twice as likely to be unemployed as the average of all working people in Germany.

In other words, if you study in Germany in 2021, you can expect better prospects in Germany than in other European countries.

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