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Student accommodation in Berlin, Germany

Find fully furnished student accommodation in Berlin, Germany with HousingAnywhere, the leading provider of affordable student apartments in Berlin having all facilities and amenities. Our platform allows you to explore available student flats to rent in Berlin near top universities and other key locations. Our search filters make it easy for you to find your desired student housing in Berlin based on your housing needs. If you are an international student having tight budget, then you can also book cheap accommodation in berlin for international students.

HousingAnywhere is the popular website that offers low-priced student flats in Berlin close to major schools and universities. Most of our available student residence in Berlin are within the walking distance of prime universities. Search and compare student rentals in berlin with multiple facilities that are serviced to fit every student’s needs.

How much is student housing in Berlin?

The average rent for student housing in Berlin is €750 in 2023. You can expect to pay between €550 to €950 per month.

How to find student housing in Berlin?

On HousingAnywhere you can filter and compare student housing in Berlin to find the right one for you based on your budget and preferences.

What is the cheapest way to live in Berlin as a student?

For students, sharing a flat with other students or finding a shared accommodation is the cheapest way to live in Berlin.