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Artists of the future are born at the four art universities in Berlin; already the famous painter and sculptor Antonio Piedade de Cruz from Goa started out at the Berlin University of the Arts, so did the opera singer Marie Fillunger for whom the largest art university in Europe served as a stepping stone.

Young artists aspiring to follow in the footsteps of great talents should take their chance at one of the major art universities in Berlin. Still not convinced? With our five reasons, you're about to be.

Lots of prospective students, fewer spots at the four art universities in Berlin

With the fall of the Wall, Berlin has truly opened up as a venue for contemporary art: artists flock to Berlin to showcase their work in the multitude of galleries, and streets are adorned with street art. With popular artists' gatherings, studios and galleries, Berlin is seen as a hotspot for artists, a place for all styles of expression.

And nearly 5,300 students flood into Berlin's art universities every year to become part of the art scene in Berlin, Europe and the world and fully develop their artistic talents.

Let's take it one step at a time, which art universities are there in Berlin? These four art universities are the largest in Berlin:

  • Universität der Künste (UdK) in Berlin: You'll find over 70 artistic, art-scientific and art-pedagogical degree programmes in the faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Music, and Performing Arts.
  • Hanns Eisler University of Music: Beat to the beat: in the heart of Berlin, you can hear students from the numerous instrumental programmes as well as singing, music theatre, directing, conducting, composition, chamber music, electro-acoustic music, accompaniment and historical and contemporary sound dance.
  • Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts: you can't fool the up-and-coming artists in acting, directing, dramaturgy, contemporary puppetry, play & object, stage dance and choreography.
  • Kunsthochschule Berlin (Weißensee): Young artistic talents are educated in four design programmes (product design, fashion design, textile and surface design and visual communication) and in the liberal arts (painting, sculpture, stage design and stage costume).

Let's face it, with the range of artistic courses on offer, it's almost no surprise why Berlin has become the hotspot of the art scene. Still not convinced? Let us give you five reasons why you should study art in Berlin.

1. Renowned artists teach at art universities in Berlin

The art universities in Berlin nurture such a good international reputation for good reason: Students learn from the crème de la crème, so to speak! Internationally renowned artists teach their students with their expertise in art. So if you get a place at one of the art universities in Berlin, you're assured of an education at a high level.

2. Award ceremonies mirror the high level of art universities in Berlin

It quickly becomes clear that renowned artists as lecturers pass on their magic to their young talents: the art universities in Berlin take home a high number of awards and prizes with their students and graduates.

In February 2020, Converse Inc. funded the upcoming artistic and scientific talents in the fashion design course with 3,500 euros on the theme 'Romantic, Dowdy, Shameless - On Fashion Taste and Time'.

Fancy projects with large names? You’ve got it here!

3.Common Cause

Students taking up a spot at one of the four major art universities in Berlin find themselves at the top of their game in Berlin, Europe and the world. Network, say no more.

All four art universities in Berlin draw on their synergies to get the best out for their students. Together with the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music, for instance, the UdK has founded the Jazz Institute in Berlin since 2005; this has since developed into a brand of its own. The University of the Arts Berlin cooperates with the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in the field of dance and runs the inter-university Dance Centre (HZT) with another partner, the TanzRaumBerlin network. The Ernst Busch University works closely with many theatres in and outside of Berlin.

4. Regular exhibitions with Berlin theatres and concert halls

Young artists at all four art universities regularly stand on theatre stages, in galleries or concert halls. The Ernst Busch University hosts public performances in addition to two large studio stages in the new building, and young artists constantly showcase their talents in the "bat Studiotheater" in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

At the UdK, there are almost 600 events a year scheduled and contribute essentially to the cultural life of Berlin. Are you still surprised that Berlin is a hotspot of the artistic scene?

5. Wide range in all artistic disciplines

Decision-making isn't your thing? Then the wide range of artistic, art-scientific and art-pedagogical degree programmes in Berlin might be a bit overwhelming. At the UdK alone, you can choose from 70 different areas.

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