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Stay safe with protected paymentsWhen you pay to confirm the booking, your money is safe with us. We send it to the landlord only 48 hours after you move in unless you tell us the place isn't as promised. If you contact us, we'll help you.Protecting you against risks. Making your move safer.
Get a feel of the place from anywhere
Get a feel of the place from anywhereTired of trying to fit in viewings around your life? Explore several places at your own pace from the comfort of your couch. Enjoy high-quality photos, videos, floor plans, detailed descriptions, and more.Say goodbye to in-person viewings; say hello to more free time.
Chat and share directly with landlords
Chat and share directly with landlordsNo more calling, texting, emailing, and discussing things with landlords in different places. Get a private page to message the landlord directly. Ask questions, share information, and see it all in the same place.No chance for misunderstandings. Everyone's always on the same page.

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Explore hundreds of high-quality rooms, studios, and apartments. Save favorites. Get alerts. Finding your dream home could not be easier.
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Enjoy an online, private space for all conversations with the landlord. Ask questions, share information, and see how well you both match.
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Like a place and want to call it home? Send the landlord a booking request. You’ll know if it’s accepted or not within 48 hours.
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Pay the first month’s rent to confirm your booking. Congratulations, you found your next home. We’ll protect your money until you’ve moved in and checked the place out.
Moved to Vienna in June 2022“The filters and map were the most user-friendly we found on any site. Plus, the messaging and booking system were easy to navigate. HousingAnywhere was the only site we used consistently throughout our housing search.”
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No, we're not a real estate agency. is an online platform connecting people looking for their next home with landlords looking for tenants.

You'll pay the first month's rent and, depending on the region, a service fee. Once we've received your payment, your booking is confirmed. You'll then get the landlord's contact details. You can pay the rest of the rental costs directly to the landlord.

You can cancel your booking any time before you move in. You can receive a full or partial refund depending on when you cancel and the cancellation policy that applies to your booking. The service fee is non-refundable.

No, and you won't need to. Listings have detailed descriptions, photos, videos, and floor plans to give you a clear idea of what you'll get. Through our platform, you can message the landlord, clear doubts, and even exchange documents. And once you book, your money is safe with us until you move in.