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Living in Belgium is a great option for anyone who wants high living standards, a multicultural environment, great job opportunities, and easy access to nearby European destinations. Students, working expats, and families choose Belgium as the country boasts high quality healthcare, education, and housing. And although a small nation, the charming countryside with its castles and valleys is just as appealing as the cosmopolitan buzz of Brussels. Calling this trilingual nation home will mean brushing up on your foreign languages, developing a fine taste for beer, and tasting Belgium's famous chocolates, waffles and fries whenever you want. Browse houses for rent in Belgium.

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Want to start working in Belgium but don't know where to begin? With the changing regulations and inconsistent information online, figuring out which Belgian work permit to apply for might get pretty confusing. But we are here to help you navigate this complicated process.

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Your relocation guide for Belgium

Moving to Belgium? We can imagine it can be a lot to process. So much paperwork to arrange, appointments to make … in other words, things can get pretty stressful. But don’t worry, with our checklist, you can be sure you don't forget a thing!

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