How it works

Safe ‘n’ Sound

Our recipe for a reliable rental platform: take one transparent payment service, stir in our dedication, add a dash of ways to spot a trusted landlord, then sprinkle over some AI.

48-hour safeguard

To book accommodation via HousingAnywhere, you must pay the first month’s rent. However, your payment doesn’t go to the advertiser straightaway! We securely hold your money until 48 hours after your move in. Only then do we transfer your rental payment to the advertiser. If you arrive to find that the reality of the property does not match what was stated in the listing (e.g. you booked a place with a double bed, but arrive to find a single bed), we will not payout the advertiser. We will investigate what happened, issue a refund and help you find another place.

Payment Requests

This feature a) costs you nothing, and b) changes everything! With our secure and transparent online rent system, not only can you book your new home on HousingAnywhere, but you can also pay your monthly rent, deposit and any extra fees. If your landlord sends you a payment request, we send you reminders in the lead up to the payment’s due date (7 days before, 3 days before & on the due date itself). If you complete payment requests prior to your move-in date, our 48-hour security policy applies; the advertiser won’t get any payouts until you’ve comfortably moved in.

Payment Overview

It’s not always easy to stay on top of all expenses, especially if you’ve moved to a new city, or even country. With our Payment Overview, you can know what’s due and when. The overview is automatically updated so you can see the status of past and future payments, enabling you to plan ahead, keep track and relax, knowing when and where your money is going. Besides showing you what's upcoming and reminding you of overdue payments, we'll also provide you with a Live Payment Tracking link, so you can see exactly when we've collected your money and paid it out to your landlord.

Anti-fraud measures

Our AI-powered algorithm keeps potential scammers at bay by detecting any fraudulent listings within 5 minutes of them being created on the platform. If you think an advertiser starts behaving strangely, you can report them and we’ll fully investigate. We take pride in protecting your HousingAnywhere experience and will always invest in the safety of our users.

Transparent fees

HousingAnywhere provides you continuous support before and after moving in. What you’ll pay to book depends on which country you’re moving to. Looking for a place in The Netherlands? You can buy a subscription to reach out to landlords. When you’re ready, you’ll pay just the first month’s rent to complete your booking. If you’re looking for a place in other countries, in addition to the first month’s rent (which we payout to the landlord), we charge a service fee equal to 25% of the first month’s rent (min €150). This is a one-time payment, charged once when you book your new home. These fees help HousingAnywhere continue operating an efficient marketplace and maintaining a secure booking system.

Safety first

Booking and renting can involve different kinds of costs for you, but whatever the expense, we will always work hard to protect your money. Our increasingly automated online payments system strengthens by the day, to keep scammers at bay. Read more about our safeguards and pick up some tips for staying safe online with the articles to the right.

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