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Besides setting your rental budget in your preferred currency, you can filter on heaps of other things, like accommodation type. If you only want to see apartments, you can also set a filter for the number of bedrooms. Alternatively, you can specify whether you want to see private rooms, shared rooms, studios or everything!

You can fine tune your search further by filtering on...

Furnished / unfurnished

Bills: included/excluded

Type & gender of tenants

House rules

The possibility of registration

How recently a listing was added

How to set a filter

First things first: pick a city, any city! Then specify your move-in date (move-out date too, if you want to get more precise results). Toggle, slide, tick and watch the number of results change as you narrow down your search. Once you’re happy, press ‘show results’. Thanks to the up-to-date availability, you’ll always see listings ready for renting and won’t waste any time on unsuitable properties. Note that we will also display 'flexible results', i.e. listings that fall just shy or just over your selected dates, to give you more options!

Stay in the loop with search alerts

Get the latest email updates on new listings by adjusting your rental preferences. To set one up, choose your city, apply all the filters you wish, then create your alert! You can always change or reset your filters, but remember: if you update your search alert, it will overwrite your existing alert.

Our international team are here to make your search smooth. They can offer assistance in:










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