How it works

Direct messaging

A direct messaging service, straight out of our platform, allows for straight talking. Manage conversations with smart inbox tools and forget interruptions from third parties.

Get chatting

It’s wise to get to know your potential landlord, and no doubt they’ll want to know their future tenant too! You can get the conversation rolling in the click of a button. Simply enter your message and submit! Briefly introduce yourself; explain why you’re interested in their place, what you’ll be doing in that city and what your hobbies and interests are. This instantly establishes a personal connection. TOP TIP: before you move on to more specific questions about their listing, make sure you’ve checked the availability calendar and other details, so you don’t waste time asking questions you already have the answer to!

Top tips for approaching an advertiser

Complete your profile

Read the advertisement carefully

Be yourself & be honest

Ask. Ask. Ask!

Start several conversations

Keep it to the platform

Keep tabs on the best

To increase your chances of finding the perfect place, it’s best to reach out to numerous advertisers. But this means you’ll have to keep an eye on your inbox and keep track of your chats. Remember that – though on average, advertisers respond within 7 hours – each advertiser will have a different level of engagement and response rate, meaning your conversations will progress at different speeds. Shortlist or Archive conversations to stay organised and keep your search focused.

Read receipts

Sure, no one likes being left on ‘read’, but a lot of us can’t relax until we know our messages have been seen. An automatically updated inbox means you know when your message has been received, loud and clear! But remember, the reverse is also true. Advertisers can see when you’ve seen their messages...

File attachments

Files, docs, pdfs. None of it will get lost in the mail if you make use of attachments. So if you and the advertiser decide you’d make a good tenant and landlord, you can upload files and get the booking process well underway. Using this feature, you can share copies of your ID or enrolment certificates and eventually return a signed contract. If you’re relocating abroad, a signed contract will act as a proof of address for any visa applications or residence permits you may need.

Private, yet personal

You can save yourself a ton of time by creating a full profile. Since advertisers can see this information before a conversation starts, an accurate description and representative profile picture could not only help cut to the chase, but could also make you look like trustworthy tenant material! We recommend keeping certain things a mystery though! For your own safety, we block any personal information shared in the chat before a booking is made (e.g. numbers and personal emails). These personal details can be exchanged once you’ve booked, of course! Read more about our safe, online booking process here:

Straight talking

We enable direct, real-time chat with advertisers, from any device.

Proven results

In 2019, 60% of bookings were completed within 36 hours of a tenant reaching out.

We’ll ping you!

Enable SMS and email notifications for your HousingAnywhere inbox so you don’t miss a single word.

Recorded, written communication

Remember that once you've successfully booked a place you can continue to use the HousingAnywhere chat to communicate with your landlord. Your inbox can act as an important source of recorded and written communication for both you and your landlord throughout your tenancy. Relying on verbal communication can pose risks, so why not make the most of this free messaging service!

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