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With multimedia galleries, up-to-date calendars and transparent rental conditions, you can browse thousands of detailed listings and confidently book without viewing.

Map it out

Get a true sense of place by pinpointing where you want to live in any city on our map. You can even use it as a search filter! Zoom in, zoom out, move the map all about and still see relevant listings. If you want to explore without the results updating, simply untick ‘Search as the map moves’. See something, somewhere you like? Click on the price icons for listing previews to see the availability, number of bedrooms, size and whether it’s furnished or not. Click on the preview once more to be taken to the listing itself.

Browse the gallery

Enjoy a full-screen gallery view of listings’ pictures and videos. With a superior mobile experience, you can browse multimedia listings anywhere. As soon as you land on a listing, you can see exactly how many photos, videos and floor plans there are, and you can easily navigate around them too.

Hear what they have to say

The description is where the advertiser can really advertise! Look out for details of the listing’s location and check out the ‘Preferred tenant’ section for specific requirements, such as age, gender and tenant type (working tenants, students or couples). It’s a good idea to read the description thoroughly before striking up conversation with the advertiser. That way, you can ask more specific questions, based on what they’ve written. Don’t speak the language? At the bottom of every description you’ll see a translate button.

Know exactly what’s on offer

Check that you can actually book this property for when you need it as there may be a minimum or maximum period of stay! Good to know: a listing’s calendar is automatically updated for crystal clear availability! Once you’ve established that the listing is bookable for the time period you’re interested in, you can sweat the small stuff. Can’t function without a desk in your room? Not fussed about having a dishwasher? Discover the amenities provided to help you make your decision.

Understand the Rental conditions

Take the time to read the fine print to know exactly what you’ll be paying for and when. Beyond the rent, there are always extra fees (such as the deposit) and understanding what’s what means you can make a well-informed decision about the place you book. Check the listing for what’s included in the bills and what you’ll pay upon booking, before arrival, during your stay and after you leave. It doesn’t get more transparent than this!

Relax. There's no need for viewings!

All of this means you can confidently book a place without having to see it in person. So often, it isn’t possible to see a room, apartment or studio before moving in, especially if you’re coming from abroad. We accommodate for this by providing advertisers with different ways to showcase their property to the full, to prospective tenants across the globe. We don’t think anyone should be disadvantaged based on where they live, which is why we ensure that viewings aren’t necessary.

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