How to duplicate your property listings

Skillful property management starts with saving yourself time. Here’s how you can duplicate your existing property listings on HousingAnywhere


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Updated on 7 Nov 2023

If you’re a property manager or a private landlord, and you have lots of accommodation to rent out, your time needs to be handled just as efficiently as your properties. Our Duplicate Listing feature will help with that. It enables you to clone your similar property listings. This way, you’ll only have to enter those amenities and that address one time.

Why would I want to duplicate listings?

If you want to separately rent out several rooms at the same address, duplicating your listings is the best way forward. This feature is designed for landlords with several similar advertisements. This feature will allow you to spend less time on listing and more time actually managing your properties.

Read more information on how to manage multiple listings.

There are two ways you can duplicate a listing

You can either duplicate listings from your listing overview or straight from the top navigation. When selecting ‘Add Listing’ from the top navigation, you will be presented with the choice to either ‘Create new listing’ or ‘Duplicate an existing listing’. If duplicating, you can then search for the listing you have in mind by address, city or alias. When you’ve found the right one, simply press ‘Duplicate’.

You're not bound to duplicating listings just on your computer or laptop. It's also possible to duplicate listings on your mobile phone. Click on the 'Rent out' button from the bottom navigation and duplicate your listing just as quick as on desktop.

Alternatively, you can head over to your listing overview. Select ‘Listings’ in the menu and you will arrive in your listing overview; from there you can search your properties on street, city or alias. Once you’ve located the listing you wish to duplicate, select the 3 vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the listing and choose ‘Duplicate’.

After duplicating the desired listings, it's important to:

  • Fill it with the right information to make the listing stand out.
  • Make sure to update the availability of the property in the calendar.

Happy listing!

Do you have so many listings that even duplication feels slow? Contact us for more information about our integrations.

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