8 reasons why living in Valencia is great for expats

Warm culture, a thriving international community and low prices - no wonder Valencia is deemed an expat heaven!


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Updated on 3 Jun 2024

Living in Valencia is surely enviable. Its warm laid-back character, green nature and affordability make the city one of the best places to live in Spain. In fact, it was recognised as the best city for foreign residents in the world in 2020!

Read on to see why!

1. You'll settle in in no time

Valencia has a significant expat community which will slightly reduce the culture shock of moving to a new country. Actually, 100,000 foreigners resided in Valencia in 2019, making up around 13% of its population. What’s more, 4 out of 5 expats moving to Valencia find it easy to settle in, understand the local culture and find friends there.

You can connect with fellow internationals online or by joining an expat Facebook group.

As is typical in Spanish culture, the locals in Valencia are friendly and welcoming. It’s pretty normal for them to start a random conversation on the street and they’ll usually be happy to help you out. However, it’s a good idea to polish your Spanish at one of Valencia's Spanish schools or Duolingo to increase your chance of establishing deeper connections with the locals.

2. You’ll have a great quality of life in Valencia

Valencia never stands still, with its ecological and urban mobility initiatives such as new bike paths and an extremely efficient public transportation system. It’s no surprise that Valencia’s earned the title of the world design capital for 2022!

The residents here enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, hanging out with their friends and family in green areas, parks and squares, regardless of the season. This active and social lifestyle creates a healthy work-life balance for Valencias. Maybe that’s why the average life expectancy here is a whopping 83.5 years!

Oh, and have we mentioned it’s also very safe to live in Valencia? You never have to worry about walking through the dark streets alone here!

3. Living in Valencia is pretty cheap

Can high quality and low cost go hand-in-hand? They sure can in Valencia!

Valencia's low cost of living is one of the most attractive things for expats. At only €657 (excluding rent) per month, you can live comfortably here.

You might also find that the city has a very affordable and versatile housing market. On average, you’ll pay €1,400 for an apartment and €375 for a private room in a one of Valencia's neighbourhoods.

4. Valencia is the healthiest city in the world to live in

Valencia's __readily accessible healthcare and tidiness of its streets are regularly praised by expats and locals. No wonder

Fun fact about Valencia: The city has ranked as the healthiest city in the world for 2 consecutive years.

Once you’re considered a resident in Valencia, you’ll have the right for free access to the Spanish healthcare system and of course the yearly dose of 3,000 hours of sunshine!

5. It’s always sunny in Valencia

Talking about sunshine, one of the main reasons why expats choose Valencia as their destination is its warm Mediterranean climate. While the temperatures can reach 32-35º C in summer, it never gets too hot thanks to the fresh sea breeze. And you’ll rarely need an umbrella, maybe only at the beginning of autumn.

The winters are mild, with January being the coldest month. That’s when the temperatures drop to 14º C during the day and 6º C at night. As you might guess, it never snows here!

And if you feel like switching things up, the nearby snowy mountains are only a short trip away!

6. You’ll fall in love with Valencian nature

Duh! But seriously, Valencia’s nature is absolutely stunning!

Throughout the day, people enjoy tanning, swimming and scuba diving along the vast stretches of beaches within the city.

When not soaking up the sun, you can enjoy 2 million square metres of green areas and gardens of Valencia. Among the local favourites are The Turia Gardens featuring Bioparc zoo and the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences.

And then there’s so much to do within only a few hours away from the city! The nature surrounding Valencia delights with stunning views and diversity. You’re only a few hours away from mountain waterfalls and snow-capped slopes__ as well as untouched by civilization lakes and nature reserves.

7. There is always something to do in Valencia

Generally, the locals enjoy a slow-paced life in Valencia. Yet, you always have plenty of things to do, be that visiting the world-class aquarium, exploring countless museums or savouring Valencia’s nightlife.

Oh boy, do they like to party!

The biggest event is Las Fallas - a festival of fire that takes place in March. People from all over the world come for this feast for the senses. Late night parties and art installations accompany the celebrations while the city is filled with colours, sounds of fireworks and cheering crowds!

Valencia is also known for its thriving gay community. Every June, the city celebrates Valencia Gay Pride with a whirlwind of drag shows, concerts and all-night-long parties.

8. You’ll get addicted to the original paella

The Spanish treat eating as a sacred ritual. Next to the 3 meals we're commonly used to, the locals add 3 other meals in between: la merienda, almuerzo, and tapas.

Whenever you want, you’ll be able to enjoy the local delicacies such as all i pebre, arròs a banda and bunyols, but, most importantly, the best paella you’ve ever had. The variety of flavours is going to steal your heart!

Need we say more? You probably see why it makes sense to discover rental homes in Valencia and make the city your new home!

And if you'd like a little help to get started with arranging your new life in this exciting city, make sure to check our relocation guide!

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