The ultimate guide to the cost of living in Valencia (2023-2024)

How expensive is it to live in Valencia? Our guide tells you the cost of living in Valencia that you can expect.


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Updated on 20 Mar 2024

In Valencia, you get the best of both worlds. The 3rd-largest city in Spain provides you the urban comfort advantages while upholding the qualities of a small town.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But before you start packing your bags, let us walk you through the cost of living in Valencia.

We have broken down our overview of the cost of living in Valencia in four areas:

  • Rental prices
  • Food prices
  • Leisure prices
  • Public transport

Keep reading to find out how expensive (or not) it is to live in Valencia.

Is it expensive to live in Valencia, Spain?

When comparing the cost of living in Spain to the Netherlands, you’ll choose to live in one of the sunniest countries in Europe.

The average rent prices are 39,31% lower than in the Netherlands. With a median salary of €1,200 in Valencia, you can easily cover the basic expenses in the country.

So, is it expensive to live in Valencia? There’s no ultimate answer; it depends on the lifestyle you lead.

Considering that the buying power in the country is lower than in other parts of Europe, an estimated €655 (excl. rent) per month are enough for you to live comfortably. This makes it cheaper than other Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.

What is the cost of living in Valencia?

Being the 8th most expensive city in the country, Valencia counts as friendly to tighter budgets.

Now let’s break the cost of living down according to our four areas of focus:

  • Rental prices
  • Food prices
  • Leisure prices
  • Public transport

1. Rental prices: How much rent can I expect to pay in Valencia?

Rental prices in Valencia have been stable since 2018, which contributes to the city’s favourable rental climate. You'll find rental homes in Valencia easily, so you can shop around for the perfect one for you!

You can expect the following rents in Valencia in 2023:

Type of AccommodationRental price
Private Room€375

2. Food prices in Valencia

Considering the fact that Spain is the gateway for food imports into Europe, it’s no surprise that food prices are lower than the average in Europe.

These prices should give you a good idea as to what to expect:

Food / Beverage ProductPrices
Water (1.5 l)€0.62
Wine (mid-range)€5
Local Beer (0.5 l)€0.89
Imported beer(0.33 l)€1.40
Milk (1 l)€1.02
Fresh white bread (500 g)€0.99
Rice (1 kg)€1.27
Eggs (12)€2.50
Local cheese (1 kg)€11.68
Beef (1 kg)€13.32
Bananas (1 kg)€1.56
Oranges (1 kg)€1.77
Tomatoes (1 kg)€2.16
Potatoes (1 kg)€1.56

3. Leisure time expenses in Valencia

Considering the culinary culture in Valencia, the wide range of salty seafood and delicious desserts are going to become a part of your daily routine in no time.

But besides that, there's a lot of things to do in Valencia, such as going to the underwater restaurant, seeing animals at the Bioparc, visiting museums, attending festivals and much more.

Expect to pay these prices for your leisure time in Valencia:

Leisure ActivityPrice
A meal in an inexpensive restaurant€11.50
Three course meal for two in a middle-class restaurant€42
Cinema ticket€8
Gym membership fee (monthly)€35.65
Rental fee for a tennis court (1 hour on weekends)€9.59

4. Expenses for Public Transport

Valencia’s public transport system offers options to travel via bus and metro. The metro is by far the more reliable mean of transport.

Here are the prices you can expect to pay for public and other means of transport:

Mean of TransportPrice
A one-way trip on public transport€1.50
Monthly subscription (regular price)€30
Starting taxi fare (regular fare)€3
1 kilometre in a taxi (standard fare)€1
Petrol (1 litre)€1.70

Now that you're familiar with the cost of living in Valencia, it’s time to start planning your monthly budget for your stay.

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