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Last updated: April 2020

How to rent a place in Liverpool

Many students opt to rent their accommodations from either a leasing agent or a private landlord, which they must actually find themselves. Before you even begin thinking about renting a house, a room or a flat, be sure to completely understand exactly what will be involved.

Many landlords will first need to check to ensure that you have the proper documentation to be living in the UK before they will consider a lease or a rental of any kind. This will generally include most self-contained flats or houses that can be rented to a sole individual or to a group. Typically the utility bills are paid in addition to the rental payment, although sometimes items like water can also be included, which the contract will stipulate.

When your time in the city is over, some students are not always aware that a tenancy or licence agreement is an actual legal, binding contract. Therefore, the proper steps must be followed when you are ready to move out. Of course, the different rules may vary when it comes to ending a rental or lease agreement, so this page will highlight those that students in a private rental agreement will most commonly encounter.

A fixed term agreement is a contract that is made for a lease or rental for a predetermined length of time. A periodic agreement is a contract that runs between one agreement until the next one is signed. For example, a periodic agreement most typically comes into play when a tenant has stayed in the rental unit past their original fixed term contract without signing a new agreement.

Whenever you are preparing to vacate the home, you must always supply the landlord with a written notice of your intent to move out, and you should keep a copy of this notice. Ensure that the notice is dated and provides a clear time period for when you will leave the property. Also make sure that you have a signed or electronic receipt of acceptance. If a deposit was placed at the start of your lease, then it should be returned to you, as long as you have not damaged the property in any way.

Ensuring that all tenants have the legal right to be in the country of residence is a new legal requirement that has been recently introduced for private landlords by the government. It is the responsibility of the landlord to lawfully check to see that the tenant and any other adults who will be residing at the property are properly documented to be in the country. Landlords who rent to tenants who do not have the necessary documentation to live in the country can face civil penalties. Any leasing agents who are representing the landlord also must carry out these checks.

When a person makes the decision to rent out a portion of their home or the house in its entirety, these same standards still apply. For example, this can come into play when an owner takes on a lodger or decides to sublet. The rules apply to all landlords or any agents representing a landlord when they lease a private accommodation to a group or an individual to be utilized as their primary home. For a property to be considered the main residence, it must be the only property that a person resides in, or it must be the property that is used for family, personal or legal matters. A landlord cannot rent property to anyone who is not a native resident of the country or does not have the legal and lawful right to reside in the country, whether it be temporary or permanent.

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Hi everybody, my name is Roberto, and I will guide you through the many things that you will need to accomplish to begin a new life in the fascinating city of Liverpool! Typically a person’s first concern is where and how to secure accommodations. But never fear, because this guide will show you the best way to secure a lease. No matter how much time you plan to spend in Liverpool, I will ensure that you will have experiences that only the locals share, seeing the city as if you were born there! There are so many wonderful things to see and places to visit, you will learn how to use the city’s transportation, discover the many unique neighborhoods and much more. So, are you ready to start?

Living in Liverpool and its neighbourhoods

Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Don’t let the night end in Liverpool!

Liverpool is proud to boast some of the most spectacular, diverse nightlife in the country. On any given night, you can experience pounding superclubs, cozy pubs filled with dogs, a thriving gay scene, comedy venues, the ultimate dance warehouses and trendy concept bars. We have selected some of our top picks, dividing them into easily accessible districts.

Seel Street and its surrounding areas offer a top nightlife destination, undergoing a transformation that has wildly surpassed its intended vibrancy. In fact, no matter what your scene, chances are that you will find it here. There are Latin dancers in a former Polish church called Alma de Cuba. There’s a Hawaiian-themed cocktail bar aptly named Aloha. The Monro is a very traditional pub with delectable food. Salt Dog Slims incorporates hot dogs, steins and a door requiring a secret code for entry. Of course, let’s also not neglect to mention the nearly infamous Santa Chupitos, Empire or Almost Famous, with The Peacock and Heebie Jeebies both excellent choices when you’re wanting to dance the night away.

Hardman Street and its surrounding side streets are home to some of the best traditional pubs in all of Liverpool. Basking in the shadow of the Liverpool Cathedral, you will find The Pilgrim and the well-known Ye Cracke, popularized as a favourite of John Lennon during his time in art school. The Roscoe Head is just across the street from the bombed-out church, providing a real atmosphere for this ale specialist pub, one of only seven pubs considered expert enough to appear in every single edition of The Good Beer Guide. Situated on the University of Liverpool campus, The Cambridge is the perfect place to find students, academics and philosophers alike. And let’s not forget The Philharmonic Dining Rooms, housed in a Grade II listed building and famous for its ornate toilets.

Now, you may have already heard about Matthew Street, frequented by The Beatles in the early days of their music careers. In fact, The Cavern Club is where The Beatles played almost 300 live shows smack in the middle of the sixties. The club still hosts a regular Saturday night Beatles tribute, along with other live music played seven days a week. You can also see the spirit of the band as they inspire other area establishments like the Hard Days Night Hotel, Rubber Soul and Lennon’s Bar. Therefore, it is easy to see why this is one of the busiest, most exciting streets in the city, especially if you’re looking for nightlife.

It is safe to say that Concert Square is one of the liveliest places in all of Liverpool, and not just on the weekends, as it is popular during the week with students and big groups. It is home to some of Liverpool’s most iconic bars and clubs, like The Krazy House, Walkabout and Revolution.

If you visited the Baltic Triangle area ten years ago, you would have seen a lot of warehouses, may of which were abandoned. However, it is now seen as the epicenter of the city’s creative and digital enterprises. Plus, the nightlife is also on the rise. The very unique Camp and Furnace is the best place to start, housing a bar serving international beers, weekly food slams and even Scandinavian festivals. Just around the corner, you will find Baltic Social, which offers an intimate setting for those wanting to really chill out and relax. The area has also recently caught the eye of several club promoter’s, making it a great area for some of the city’s best club nights. Be sure to experience an event at HAUS or the Kitchen Street pop-up.



Become a true Brit!

Liverpool has some of the world’s most beautiful vistas for backdrops, including parks, beaches, skyscrapers and historical abodes. But people don’t just come to Liverpool for its luscious surroundings. Liverpool may have the “feel” of a smaller city, but it offers just as much as any large European destination. When we say that Liverpool has something for everyone, we mean it! Liverpool possesses what can only be described as an unforgettable personality, and we can’t wait to show you around.

Have you ever had that feeling when time seems to almost stand still, as you wait for the clock to strike, releasing you from yet another long day? If you’d love to unwind after eight hours, the city is absolutely bursting at the seams with places to kick back and have a drink. Whether you’re longing for a few craft beers, an expertly mixed martini or any other number of liquid libations, there are drinking spots galore. For any taste and in any neighborhood, let’s take a look at some of our favorite places after 5 p.m.

Liverpool, often known as Sound City, is never content with hosting your average annual event. They will stop at nothing to make sure that they unearth something new and find creative and inspiring ways to showcase the city’s vibrant music scene. With Liverpool’s reputation when it comes to music, they have some serious street credit to uphold! However, even with so many strides toward the new and the inspiring, they never forget their roots, and next year is a big year. Here are seven things you need to take a look at.

Everyone tires very easily of going to the gym. You may start out each January with the best of resolutions, but usually by March, you are steering clear of that treadmill. So, it’s too cold to swim, and Zumba is so last year, so what would a true Liverpool resident do to stay in shape?

Well, feel free to cancel that pesky gym membership and stop trying to ride that outdated exercise bike. Find a new, quirky way to drop that next pant size. I mean, after all, when in Liverpool…

When November nears, be ready for the sparks to fly throughout the entire country. Liverpool’s River Mersey will be quite the spectacle this year, home to an amazing set of pyrotechnic explosions that are sure to leave all other Bonfire Nights in its ashes. This November 5th, River of Light is coming! Liverpool and Wirral councils are joining forces to create the brightest night of the entire year. Expect to experience world-class international drummers, street performers, a pre-show and a fireworks extravaganza like you have never seen.

About the city

It’s more than just The Beatles!

With so many thrilling events, high-level sporting events, robust musical heritage, world-class attractions and a truly welcoming vibe, Liverpool is amongst the UK’s premier places to visit and even plant roots. Rivaling the museums and galleries in some of the most well-known cities in the world and second in the country only to London, you will be fully immersed in culture and artistic options, just waiting for your exploration. You will never run out of things to do in Liverpool!


Don’t miss a single corner in Liverpool

The public transportation options in the city of Liverpool are some of the best in the entire UK. The Merseytravel website is the place to go to learn all about accessibility information regarding each different mode of transportation in the Liverpool area, along with helpful guides, contact information and supporting links to gain even more information. Plus, while you are actually in Liverpool, there are plenty of travel centers to answer any questions to help you get from Point A to Point B.

By Rail: Merseyrail trains offer fast, on-time transportation throughout the day through 66 different stations. There are also four underground stations: the lower level of Lime Street, Liverpool Central, James Street and Moorfields. This is a very efficient way to travel about the city, providing you with more time to see museums, attractions and experience the thrilling nightlife that the city has to offer. There are discounts for traveling multiple times in a day or week, and you can even opt for the Merseyrail Family Ticket if you’re doing a couple of group outings.

Merseyrail offers travelers the choice between two lines, the Wirral Line and the Northern Line. These lines serve travelers from Chester on the Wirral Line or Southport on the Northern Line. This makes Liverpool an excellent base for your trip! It’s also super easy to gain even more information on Merseyrail, including live travel updates, visit or download their app for up to date travel information.

The Georgian Quarter

Where the past doesn’t forget to shine!

In 1800, John Foster Sr. decided to scale a blueprint that would create a grid plan for housing, all in a time when Liverpool’s wealthiest citizens could afford much more luxurious accommodations. Foster began to build in an area called Mosslake Fields, by St James’s Mount, where the Anglican Cathedral now proudly stands.

As the next 100 years went on, a slew of property developers constructed a large number of elegant Georgian townhouses. The streets off of Hope Street and Rodney Street now even boast some of the best neighbourhood bistros, including The Quarter on Faulkner Street and The Blackburne on Catherine Street. Hope Street runs between the city’s two cathedrals: the (Catholic) Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King (Catholic) and the second largest Anglican cathedral in the world, the Liverpool Cathedral. Also expect to find the Stirling prize winning Everyman Theatre and the recently renovated Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, along with Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, started by Paul McCartney. And don’t forget to set aside some time for tea at Blackburne House!

You can also gasp beneath Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s red sandstone cathedral aptly referred to as “The Great Space,” seen for miles around. It features the highest and heaviest bells in the entire world, as well as Britain’s most stunning organ. The interior hosts an ornately carved Lady Chapel, a welcoming refectory and magnificent stained glass windows. If you don’t mind the heights, take a tour of the tower and the see the sights below. Be sure to take a peek at Liverpool Cathedral’s events, especially during Christmas, or read the Tale of Two Cathedrals.

At Number 62 Rodney Street, you will find the birthplace of William Gladstone. Also on Rodney Street, St Andrew’s Church has a unique triangular tomb which is rumored to contain the remains of William McKenzie, the railway tycoon known for losing his soul to the devil after making a bad bet. To try to work his way out of the wager, he supposedly was sealed into the tomb with a deck of cards, thinking that if he was never actually buried, then his soul could never be claimed by the dark power.

And does all of this exploring leave you wanting a nice cold beverage? The options are seemingly endless. Clove Hitch’s No. 23 Club on Hope Street offers a unique basement atmosphere, and Kabinett on Myrtle Street welcomes in travelers with cocktails and small plates. If ambiance is what you’re after, try the Philharmonic Dining Rooms.

St. George Quarter

Revel in Liverpool’s History!

St. George’s Quarter part is an integral part of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site with one of the most elaborate exhibitions of Victorian architecture in the UK, including St. George’s Hall, World Museum Liverpool, Central Library, the Walker Art Gallery and Lime Street Station. You can also relax or shop the day away at Queen Square, St. Johns Shopping Centre and Williamson Square. There are also three immaculate theatres, including the Playhouse, Royal Court and Empire Theatres.

St George’s Hall is a truly mesmerizing venue, hosting both free and paid exhibits, performances and conventions. They even have a cafe, overnight rooms, offer tourist information and host a Heritage Centre. St George’s Hall is also a popular filming location, with the Liverpool Film Office also on property.

World Museum Liverpool is absolutely free, and it houses five floors of historic treasures. Happen upon items like Japanese Samauri armour, Egyptian mummies, artifacts from outer space, dinosaurs and so much more!

With the largest two-tier auditorium in all of Britain, Liverpool Empire Theatre hosts all sorts of entertainment, including musical performances, variety shows, concerts, plays and more.

The Empire Theatre also is home to performances including musicals, comedy shows, live concerts, the opera, plays and even professional wrestling. Plus, the venue is said to be haunted by at least two ghosts, one a young girl and one a painter.

The Baltic Triangle

This is historical culture at its best!

The Baltic Triangle plays home to some of Liverpool's best offerings of independent creative industry, showcasing Liverpool’s independent nature. In this area, the residents work extremely hard at their day jobs, but in the end, they are ready to take in museums on the weekends or meet up for an expertly crafted cocktail at the end of a long day.

Some may think that the Baltic Triangle is a bit away from the city center, but you can walk to Liverpool ONE in under 15 minutes or grab a quick cab ride. Situated between Toxteth, Liverpool City center and the docks, the Baltic Triangle's main thoroughfares include Greenland Street, Jamaica Street and Upper Parliament Street.

More new businesses pop up in this area than any other place in all of Liverpool, with many employees and entrepreneurs working in shared spaces throughout the area. However, the place really livens up in the evenings, with a plethora of locals and visitors alike piling into the area to experience its thrilling nightlife options. Baltic Social at 27 Parliament Street is a 200-year-old warehouse housing a restaurant and bar just down the street from Camp & Furnace. Plus, Elevator Studios shares the space, so you never know when you may spot an up-and-coming band laying down their latest track.

Live music plays at Lantern Theatre at 57 Blundell Street, with intimate performances. It is also known for its comedy revues. Constellations on Greenland Street,also offers exhibition space and live music with a sprawling, outdoor bar and seating. It also hosts arts fairs, festivals (like the Liverpool Craft Beer Expo), photography exhibits and shoots, along with an exhibition on The Simpsons.

The Waterfront

Explore Liverpool’s harbour!

The waterfront at Albert Dock and the Pier Head, part of Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a wonderful feel of the city’s history. Take in The Three Graces, buildings constructed to show off the city’s wealth. The Royal Liver Building boasts two flighted statues, with the female looking over the sea for returning sailors and the male ensuring the pubs are still open for business.

Sitting right on the waterfront, you should also explore the Albert Dock, containing the largest group of Grade I buildings in all of the UK with plenty of shops, hotels and restaurants, along with the Tate Liverpool, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Liverpool, the International Slavery Museum and Open Eye Gallery.