How it works

Superior Matching

Set your preferences and preview tenant profiles. Talk to prospective renters via our direct and secure chat, without intermediaries.

Rent your place fast

HousingAnywhere takes the matching of a tenant to landlord seriously. With so many users on the platform, we don’t see why the fit shouldn’t be perfect – or fast. Since the start of 2019, 60% of bookings were completed in 36 hours, starting from the moment contact was made between an advertiser and a prospective tenant via our instant and direct messaging system.

Find your perfect tenant

When listing a property, you have the opportunity to set your preferences and let us know what your ideal tenant looks like. Maybe you want a full-time worker rather than a student, or vice versa. Maybe you want a tenant of a certain gender or age. Indicate your preferences right from the start.

Get to know potential tenants

We encourage our users to upload personable, recent and representative profile pictures for extra validity. Need to narrow it down further? We display user badges on the profiles of the candidates from our partner universities. The student badge is designed to highlight the most credible candidates and help speed up the search for your perfect tenant.

Set up your profile

Want to give off the most genuine impression to users browsing your listings? Learn how to attract more candidates for your property with our guide to profile-building.

Instant messaging

If there’s a good match and a candidate reaches out to you, you’ll begin communicating with them via our secure messaging system. It’s a real-time chat, as easy to use as Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook messenger. Better still: it’s direct, so you can get to the point and say farewell to third-party middlemen. Read more about why you should keep communication and payments on HousingAnywhere:

With read receipts and automatic updates, if your candidate has booked with someone else, our secure messaging system will let you know, allowing you to prioritize communication with other candidates.

Secure your tenant in a couple of clicks

You can accept or decline your booking requests with the click of a button. When you think you’ve found the right tenant, you’ll fully control the acceptance process.


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