How to create a compelling listing with different media types


Updated on Aug 29 • 1 minute read

When renting out online, first impressions matter. Even if your property description is brimming with vivid detail, searchers won’t bother reading it if there are no visuals to support the text. Adding high-quality images, videos, floorplans and 360° tours is essential for piquing potential tenants' interest and setting realistic expectations.

Here’s how you can make your listing transparent, visual and bookable.

A picture paints a thousand words

Upload a couple of high-quality photos for each room in your property. If you’re listing a single room, try showing different angles and perspectives to candidates. Jazz it up by uploading a floor plan to give potential tenants a clear idea of what your property is like.

Potential tenants can view your media in a navigable gallery of your listing. Before even opening the full-screen view, users can see how many photos your listing offers. Having more pictures makes your listing feel more trustworthy.

A video paints a better picture

You can also upload a video to your listing, so that your potential tenants know exactly what to expect from your property. Like photos, a video can be seen in a full-screen view in your listing gallery.

4 ways you can benefit from our multimedia gallery

1. Greater trust, higher conversion

You are presenting yourself as an authentic and trustworthy advertiser by showcasing every aspect of your property. Putting in a little extra effort when creating your listing will result in higher and faster conversion rates.

2. Beat your competition

Remember that other listings are just a couple of clicks away. If another property is similar to yours, a continuous walk-through video tour of your entire property could make all the difference for the searcher.

3. Reduce the chance of cancellations

A transparent listing is less likely to be cancelled once booked. With plenty of media on show, you can set realistic expectations, and a tenant can know what to plan for and look forward to. The media you upload to your listing must match the reality of your property. It significantly boosts your chances of having happy tenants.

4. Save time with no viewings

A detailed and visual listing can offer such value to searchers that there’s no need for time-consuming viewings. Multimedia is especially beneficial to your listing if you want to broaden your tenant search. As a global platform, potential tenants on HousingAnywhere could live thousands of miles away. So the more visual aid you can offer, the more confident international applicants will be to book your place, giving you a more significant number of candidates to choose from.

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